Tuck your Tee?

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When wearing a T-shirt do you tuck it into your jeans and why? The question came from a response in a previous question today. Americans are the only race in the entire world that tuck T-shirts into jeans. We don’t know why you do it. Also, if wearing a belt will it make an influence on your decision? Did the Fonz have an influence with us doing it more than others? Being he was “50’s” and that is what we think when wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

I didn’t realize that it might be considered a fashion faux pas. Generally speaking, I don’t tuck my t-shirt in because it’s less comfortable. But I do tend to think it looks a little neater that way. What about you?

(Hat tip: Darren Barefoot)


7 Responses to “Tuck your Tee?”

  1. tomthedog
    23. April 2005 at 20:28

    I used to tuck my T-shirt in when I wasn’t so damn chunky. Now I keep it untucked almost always, the better to hide my beer gut. (As if that fools anyone.) My preference would be to tuck, if I weren’t so self-conscious.

  2. Chris
    24. April 2005 at 00:43

    When I was in high school, our school’s dress code required that all male students had to tuck in their shirts or face the consequences. Nowadays, I have the freedom to untuck, which I prefer immensely.

  3. San
    24. April 2005 at 02:06

    Depends on the weather. If it’s cold, I tuck.

  4. Soon
    24. April 2005 at 02:33

    Tuck, always a tucker. Looks far neater and shows off a nicely flat stomach. Also keeps it from getting accidentally wet from the trough.

  5. ShyGuy
    24. April 2005 at 12:57

    Well, If I understand my clothing history correctly, the T-shirt came to life as an undergarmet, correct?

    So you wore your T-shirt under your long sleeve button up shirt and of course you tucked both of them in, naturally.

    then you put on suspenders, a vest, a dress jacket, plus an overcoat when you went outside.

    Did people roast alive back then or was it much colder?

  6. Broc Heasley
    25. April 2005 at 11:38

    Never, ever tuck. It looks ridiculous, right up there with socks and sandals.

  7. Chaz Ervin
    25. April 2005 at 13:54

    I’m in WV, so I wouldn’t say this is the national norm, but here mainly rednecks and gays (& lesbians) tuck their t-shirts in. Don’t know why.