AI4 – Group of 6

I’m a little — OK, a lot — under the weather these days, so here’s the quickest AI recap yet, in no particular order:

Scott stunk. Boring song. Missed a bunch of keys.

Vonzelle was OK, but I agree with Simon. There was a lot of flatness to it, particularly in the opening minute.

Anthony did well. He did a Celine Dion song. Holy crap.

Bo picked the perfect song and did it well.

Constantine tried to do the same as Bo, but the song doesn’t have the range, and he came off looking like a far distant second.

Carrie did a great job, I thought. I didn’t hear the pitchiness, but maybe I’m just not tuned in enough.

From best to worst: Bo, Anthony, Carrie, Vonzelle, Constantine, Scott.

Bottom three: Anthony, Constantine, Scott.

Constantine is voted out in a major upset. Why not? I need to go out on a limb once in a while. =)

21 thoughts on “AI4 – Group of 6

  1. I heard Bo did “I Don’t Want To Be”. Interesting choice for him. Can’t wait to see it.

    Did Carrie express a bit more “it” factor this week? My fear for her is that she just isn’t connecting with people enough.

  2. All I can think of when I hear “I Don’t Want to Be” is the intro to that trashy yet strangely addictive WB Show One Tree Hill.

    Yeah, Carrie isn’t a natural performer, that’s for sure. She has the voice, but not the stage presence of someone like Nadia or even Vonzell.

    Speaking of which, Vonzell sounded pretty bad early on. She saved it in the end, but I have to say it was quite a bit worse than most of those times the judges picked on Anwar for starting the song slowly. Vonzell seems to have a habit of singing off pitch early on (e.g., the group performance “Everything is Beautiful”).

    Anthony was amazing this week. Best performance of the night IMO. His strongest performance on Idol since his early auditions when he sang John Secada’s “Angel” a capella. If he would have sung like that from the beginning, he would have never been in the bottom 3. I don’t think there is any chance he is going home this week after that performance.

  3. Dude, when the Man tells you to pack your bags-so not a good sign.

    I thought Carrie looked and sounded great. It was interesting to hear Bo sing a current song. Constantine sucked, but then I loathe Nickelback. I usually change the channel w/Anthony singing.

    What was with the Aiken jabs at Constantine? Weird.

  4. I was just looking over some performances from previous seasons and had a thought… I could put Tamyra Gray into the competition right now and it’s possible that she could walk away with season 4. I’m still waiting for a performance that blows me away like Tamyra’s “A House is not a Home”. Fantasia was up there with “Summertime”, Carrie came close with “Could Have Been”, and Vonzell has been flirting with greatness a couple times but doesn’t seem to be quite there yet.

  5. I burst out laughing when Bo sang that “One Tree Hill” song. It would have been really cool if one of the girls from that show had been in the audience seen it,but as it was, still funny. Constantine totally destroyed that Nickelback song. Carrie did O.K. Scott’s going because Simon said it thogh.

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you guys liked Carrie last night. I thought it was one of her weakest vocals yet. Her performance was a total flip-flop from last week’s “McArthur Park”: strong on personality and stage presence, lame on vocals.

    Bo was back in great form again after a good but unspectacular performance last week. Last night he was up there with his “Whipping Post” and “Spinning Wheel.” Anthony was second, delivering his best vocals since early in the competition.

    Simon was dead-on about Vonzell. As always, big points for tough song selection, but very shaky vocals. Constantine, at least for now, appears to have lost his mojo, his “it” factor. And Scott was awful.

    Bottom three: Scott, Constantine and–gulp–Carrie. Yes, I think she’ll make her bottom-three debut tonight.

  7. If there’s an upset, it’ll be Vonzell going home, but I think Simon’s “pack your bags” comment may have sealed it for Scott. Either way, they’re both in the bottom three, with either Bo or Anthony. I’ve said all along that Anthony will make it at least to the final five based on his “pre-teen girl and old lady” fan base alone, so I think he’s safe one more week. I think Constantine’s fan base is going to get him to the final three, at least. Bo is better than he is, but he doesn’t have the broad appeal.

    Carrie, as always, was impressive vocally but too timid on stage. She gestures like she’s having a good time but her eyes look timid and scared. Still, she was the best of a mediocre night, and she’ll be in the final two ultimately.

  8. Anthony shouldn’t have been embarrassed that Ryan Seacrest metioned that he’s going to the gym twice a day. He should have been very embarrassed about the revelation that he’s been waiting all competition to sing a Celine Dion song.

    I thought everyone except Bo and Carrie was bad last night. They all compain for weeks about not being able to pick contemporary songs, and this is what comes of ’00s week?

  9. One other thing…I actually think it would be a bad career move for Carrie to win the competition. She clearly wants to be a new-country singer. I find it hard to imagine that the corporate machine that is AI will want to put out a countrified album for its winner. She would probably be strong-armed into doing an MOR pop album. She’d do much better to just get the exposure of being in the top 3 or so, then get voted off and do her own thing. She’s getting by on having a good voice and being cute & middle-America, but her song selection can’t be doing much for the AI demo. Otherwise Martina McBride would sell a lot more records to a younger audience.

  10. I have to agree. I think Carrie would have a much better career if she didn’t win. I too do not see the AI people wanting to put out a country album. As for Carrie’s performance last night, I too think it was pretty bad. I really think this will be her first bottom three week.

    I think honestly tonight it will be Constantine or Scott going home, although I hope it is Scott! (FINALLY!)

  11. Ha. I loved Simon’s “Pack your bags right now” comment to Scott. Although, somehow he won’t go. It was a bad week PERIOD. I’m gonna have to take Constantine also in the upset. Somehow Scott survives yet another week. I’m sad now.

  12. My gosh I think Scott was excellent last night. And I think he has a great voice. He reminds me of Clay – he doesn’t look like that voice is going to come out of that body. I think he has a really nice tone and I don’t yet think it is his time to go. I do howecer think that there are 3 better contestants and personality wise Scott is at the bottom.

    There done. Thanks

  13. I only caught the last couple of acts in their entirety, but based on the recaps, those two were definitely the worst of the bunch. Scott was terribly boring to watch, but I closed my eyes and he sounded a lot better that he looked.

    Constantine, on the other hand, was terrible. My brother and other roommate were watching the show as well, and we all agreed he was atrocious, and the worst of the group by far. If I were to base the decision on last night alone, it would be Constantine going home by a landslide.

  14. Whats really ironic… Tamarya Gray sang “Dance with my Father again” on one episode of Boston Public 2 years ago… She was MUCH better that Scott was! PLus it just sounded wrong that HE wanted to dance with his Father!!!!!

  15. sorry for the double post.. but watching Fox 2 news here in Detroit they said “Blah Blah Blah who will go home? We will talk to the latest Idol reject tomorrow morning” While they said that they showed Scott on the TV… Don’t know if thats a spoiler or a clue, but… i am sure they know who has won already and it may have leaked out.. shrug just another observation!

  16. I know this is a little late but I actually think Scott Savol is an awesome singer and that he should NOT go home! I don’t care if he IS overweight. He never sounds like he’s performing at a karaoke bar like some of the others,ie. Constantine. Although I like Constantine’s “curb” appeal, the idol judges have been against Scott from the beginning just because of his image. He’s come from a hard life and that is probably what shapes his attitude. At least he thanks God for when he stays. Can you say the same for the other ones? They all need a little humility like Scott has.

  17. I agree that Scott is heavy and he has been battling with his weight for years, but when he sings I can definitely hear a great voice. He was singing an Aaron Nevil song (about dancing with his father again) and it was performed and sung well. The past is the past and he had some hard times with his girlfriend, but I still like his humility. I have voted for Scott even before we could call in to vote. He is a big guy, with a big heart. I hope that the show makes them sing the same song next week. Bo had some trouble in the past too, but has repented and is trying to live right, but Scott is real. Scott puts the word real in reality.

  18. Even Starr Jones (or whatever her last name is now) thought Scott’s rendition of that Luthor Vandross song was crap. And don’t ask how I know that. I’m almost ashamed of that…

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