AI4 – Round of 6 Results

Bottom three were Vonzelle, Constantine, and Anthony.

That’s right – Scott is still getting votes from somewhere. I’m starting to hear the conspiracy theories on those, too.

Vonzelle was safe.

Then Constantine was gone.

The audience was stunned. Paula needed a new drug. Then Paula needed a drink. Then I was blinded by Paula’s lip gloss.

Most amazingly, I predicted Constantine’s ouster last night. I’ve had a good couple of weeks.

15 thoughts on “AI4 – Round of 6 Results

  1. It has been said many times before it does not matter in what order everyone leaves. Perhaps Constantine was never going to win…..but when is Scott going to go!!!! He was looking quite smug last night.

  2. I had a Nikki McKibbin/Camille Velasco flashback last night. It wasn’t fun.

    Nice call, Augie. BTW, my money’s on Bo now.

  3. I had a feeling that Constantine was going to go. But, I find it inconceivable that Scott, who had in my opinion the weakest performance on Tuesday, got more votes than both Anthony and Vonzell. Someone mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I am going to officially say that Scott is now the Jesse Camp of MTV. I think people are voting for him as a joke and want to see what the AI people will do with him when he wins. At this point, he HAS to go and I will be severly disappointed if he doesn’t go next week. And the nickname of Scotty the Body? Yuck!

  4. Oops…should have said that Scott is the Jesse Camp of American Idol! That is what I get for typing this before having my morning coffee…

  5. I was with Paula…all blubbering and gnashing teeth and tearing out my hair. OK…that’s not true. I don’t have hair.

    But I was a quite shocked to see Scott and Vonzell in the wrong groups and also shocked to see Constantine go.

    But I completely agree with mikki above. If I was setting the order I would have kicked off Scott, Anthony, Anwar, Constantine and then Nadia. The fact that they’re shuffled “wrong” is of little importance (and Constantine would still have gone home last night).

    Scott in the final top three will be taken as one of the harbingers of the apocalypse.

    But what about these conspiracy theories? Could America be rebelling and trying to stick Simon with a lemon?

  6. Anytime Simon tells someone to pack their bags, that fanbase comes out in droves to vote for their singer. First rule of AI: Doing a mediocre performance will kill you. A great or an awful performance will generally keep you safe. It inspires your base. That rule, of course, diminishes slowly as time passes by.

    I think Scott has a certain fanbase, but I don’t see it growing from week to week as others drop out. I think Constantine’s fan base goes to Bo now, minus a certain percentage which will see him as The One Who Killed Our Constantine. Those people will likely go to Carrie. I don’t see any of them suddenly becoming Scott fans.

    Eventually, we’ll get to the point where the other fanbases are so large that Scott’s lack of growth will do him in.

  7. I said it before, but Scott is the Jessie Camp of American Idol. All the fat, sweatsuit wearing, Wal-Mart shopping, junk food eating Americans are voting for this clod. You wanna know who’s voting? Just look at his parents. It’s those kind of people. And college students looking to cause a train wreck.

    Constatine was not going to win the contest, but I have little sympathy. His band has a record deal and he will be on the AI tour. He will do well for himself and I really liked his attitude after the shock wore off.

    Scott thinks he’s leaving every week. One week he’s going to be right. I’m betting the fix will be in next week.

  8. I was tres amused to har Constantine singing about being at the “bottom of every bottle.” I doubt it. Either way though, he certainly didn’t SING it as if he had been – which was the problem.

  9. “Mindboggling” is the only word that describes Scott escaping the deadly Bottom 3. And yeah we all say that it doesn’t matter what order they go in but come on…Scott? He’s really the only one I want off before everyone but it seems America doesn’t feel the same way. Even though I picked Constantine as the upset, he’s a helluva whole lot better entertainer than Scott. And it really sucks that we have to sit through another Scott performance next week. Ouch.

  10. Augie, your “Simon says pack your bags” theory isn’t entirely correct–a couple of weeks ago he said that about Nadia and she got kicked out the next night.

    You know, just once I’d like to see one of these McKibbin/Velasco/Savol hangers-on go all the way on AI and win. Right now, if you ask AI viewers who should go next, I guarantee you 7 or 8 out of 10 will say Scott. I’d like to see just how many people will buy his album if he does manage to win. My guess is Justin Guarini’s sales would look good by comparison.

  11. I’m not sure whether this has been discussed before, but are you guys aware there’s a website ( that’s encouraging people to vote for Scott Savol? I found out about it last night on my local (FOX affiliated) news. I’m debating whether to go along.

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