Bo Blows

“Idol” Finalist Dodged Cocaine Rap – April 28, 2005

One of the five remaining “American Idol” finalists was once arrested for felony cocaine possession, but had the charge dismissed last year after completing a so-called “diversion program” for first-time offenders, The Smoking Gun has learned. Harold “Bo” Bice, 29, was busted in June 2001 by Huntsville, Alabama cops and hit with the drug count, a Class C felony, according to the below warrant (Bice posted $1000 bond and was released from the Madison County Jail). He was arrested again in 2003 near Birmingham and charged with marijuana possession, public intoxication, and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to court records. He pleaded guilty to the latter two misdemeanors in December 2004. The pot possession charge was dismissed after Bice’s successful completion of the same diversion program that covered the prior cocaine case.

Assuming he told the AI producers about this ahead of time, this shouldn’t be a problem. The only question is — what took Smoking Gun so dang long to find this one out?!?

Of course, Constantine fans can start the campaign going now to bring their drug-free boy back and have Bo ousted right now. Oh, you know that someone somewhere is trying that right now. . .

I suggest something more radical – kick Bo off and bring back Amanda Avila.

I await your messages of scorn, contempt, and ridicule below. (I mean, I think it’s obvious that I’m joking, but it’s tough to tell over the ‘net sometimes.)

10 thoughts on “Bo Blows

  1. Isn’t Bo supposed to be a true, authentic rocker? Well, there you go. I don’t think this will surprise too many people. And I certainly hope it doesn’t get him kicked off, since he appeared to be the favorite.

  2. I totally agree. How can anyone be so shocked about this? Come on people, he is 29 years old. By this point in everyone’s life, they have done some things that they are not so proud of. He’s been fronting bands, traveling and performing for over 10 years. Surely people won’t hold this against Bo (especially since AI knew about it), yet still allow Scott – a physical abuser – still remain in the competition. Bo is a great performer and artist regardless of the charges.

  3. Umm, how is this ground-breaking news? Aren’t Rockers supposed to have at least one drug arrest in their background. Isn’t that how they get their Union Card? I mean, c’mon, one look at Bo and those outfits and y’know this guy’s dabbled in something. Not a real big surprise here. What’s sad is TSG used to be able to come up w/dirt like this a lot quicker… And America, if you’re looking for Idol that is completely “squeaky-clean”, you are incredibly naive.

  4. Bo is my favorite and this doesn’t shock me in the least. As said before, standard rock star things. Nothing new.

  5. Am I the only one who remembers the time Bo said that he doesn’t remember much of the 90s, and the drug cracks we made about him then?

    And for what it’s worth — I’ve never touched a drug in my life. I know I’m the “freak,” though.

  6. This one comes from a (sick) co-worker of mine: Wait till AI finds out how Anthony really got that hole in his throat.

    BTW Augie, is Amanda Avila the contestant who made Simon want to be her microphone? I’ve forgotten. If so, I wouldn’t mind her return either!

  7. I think Bo is an awesome performer and who cares if he’s had trouble in his past. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about things like that. Not everyone has had a peachy past we’ve all done things that we’re not so proud of. So, why make such a big deal about it? That was the past so let that stay in the past this is future now. I’m so rooting for Bo and I think he’s a fantastic performer and rocker. He deserves to win! GO BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m not the least bit surprised about it either. However, if the rule of the show is you can’t be on if you’ve had a prior arrest, undisclosed or not, then I guess he’ll have to go. But Scott Savol had better go with him!

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