Never saw this one coming. . . – Foxlife – Tom Cruise, Actress Katie Holmes Dating

Tom Cruise has a new girlfriend — actress Katie Holmes. Cruise, 42, and Holmes, 26, have been dating a few weeks, Cruise’s publicist and sister, Lee Anne DeVette, said Wednesday.

Dawson’s going to be seriously angry, now. . .


7 Responses to “Never saw this one coming. . .”

  1. Bart
    28. April 2005 at 13:38

    She goes from Chris Klein to Tom Cruise? Talk about trading up…

  2. Chris E
    28. April 2005 at 13:51

    Dang, now I’ll NEVER get a chance! Who can compete with THAT?

    Hey, that means she’s into short men! I still have a chance!!

  3. EzekielRawlins
    28. April 2005 at 13:53

    Cruise is one lucky bastard!

  4. Craig
    28. April 2005 at 15:12

    And gee, what fascinating timing, what with both of them having major movies coming out this summer. Pure coincidence, I’m certain…

  5. Soon
    28. April 2005 at 20:38

    4 – Reminds me all over again of VANILLA SKY.

  6. Matthew M
    29. April 2005 at 00:19

    Tom Cruise? Oh please. We got nothing to worry about.

  7. Chris Arndt
    2. May 2005 at 20:19

    Tom Cruise is a short little dude.

    She probably has a midget fetish.

    I’m too tall for her.