24 Discussion – 1 a.m to 2 a.m.

Two weeks in a row of very strong shows, this week ending in one of the most hilarious and satisfying binges of violence ever seen on the series. LOVED it.

As always, DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE TEASER for next week’s episode or any outside knowledge you may have of what’s coming up. Let’s talk about the show so far, with all the spoilers you wish for last night’s episode.

4 thoughts on “24 Discussion – 1 a.m to 2 a.m.

  1. Chloe with a gun, mowing down the bad guy! What more could you ask for?

  2. It’s easy to talk about the ending to this episode–I know it was the major topic of discussion in my house. But I thought the rest of the episode was excellent as well. The characterization of President Logan has been fascinating to me. Go Palmer!

  3. My Improbability Drive is on the fritz, so it while it was fun to see Chloe kicking terrorst tail, it just wasn’t remotely in the vein of reality.

    Logan is an idiot. It doesn’t feel natural or normal for someone to reach that high of a political office and not have a backbone or at least be somewhat intelligent. He plays things REALLY safe and comes across not as just reluctant, but impotent and that doesn’t quite ring true. His characterisation seems way off or just plain unrealistic.

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