Apple getting sued

What delightfully convenient timing. The “Tiger” name for this software has been known since, what, September 2004? And this company has just now (er, yesterday) decided that it needs to throw out a lawsuit? Ya think it looks at all like they’re hoping for a quick pay off from Apple? Nah, couldn’t be. . .

AppleInsider | Apple sued over “Tiger,” injunction sought

Apple Computer has been slapped with a lawsuit by Tiger Direct Inc. for allegedly infringing its trademark with the new Mac OS X “Tiger” operating system scheduled for release on Friday. Tiger Direct, which sells computers and related products on the Internet, said Apple’s Tiger OS threatens to dilute its trademarked name, according to Bloomberg, which has obtained a copy of the lawsuit.

My thoughts on this OS upgrade has always been to wait a week or two after its initial release to upgrade to it. Reading all about it this week, though, has made me a little impatient for it. . .

2 thoughts on “Apple getting sued

  1. Can’t speak to the lawsuit, but as a long-time Mac user – 10+ years- Tiger is by far the most stable upgrade yet. I wouldn’t worry about waiting too much especially if you’re enjoying your Mac experience.

  2. We got a special offer – since I’m an “educator” (in addition to my regular day job), I get an educational discount from Apple. Plus, if I ordered it within a specific time, I think they took another 5 bucks or something off and threw in free shipping. So it’s on its way to us now. :)

    Can’t wait.

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