Phantom wreck

I love it when an accident on the northbound side of the highway ties up traffic southbound for miles, so people can slow down to gawk at the “wreckage.” Those people deserve every bit of bad kharma that comes their way after that.

Then there’s the following quoted story, in which a car wreck that didn’t happen tied up traffic for miles.

Meanwhile, there was a fire on NJ Transit this morning paralyzing trains into NYC, and a portion of a retaining wall on a major highway (~200,000 cars a day) in NYC collapsed yesterday. This is just not a good day to be heading into the city.

Of course, if you ask me, it’s NEVER a good day to be heading into that city.

Now, back to “upstate” New York:

Phantom wreck wreaks too-real traffic havoc

A motorist called police about 4:15 p.m. to report that a teal-colored Saturn traveling north on Route 6 had swerved off the shoulder of the road, struck a guardrail and possibly launched itself over the edge of a cliff along Route 6 near Route 293, police said. Woodbury police, state police, a legion of firefighters and a helicopter responded to the call, frantically searching for the wreck. They found no sign of a crash, and no car anywhere on the mountainside.

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  1. I head into “that” city every day, and while the commute is longer than I’d like, I MUCH prefer riding the train to driving. I’ve seen pretty much the entire runs of Buffy and the first four seasons of The West Wing, in addition to a slew of other stuff, on my laptop during my commute.

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