Next Gen Nintendo

Nintendo is promising backwards compatability but, oddly enough, a release schedule AFTER Christmas 2005. They are promising wireless internet out of the box, and more. See the whole article for vague details.

Nintendo Revolution: Early Details

In its final form, Revolution will be about the thickness of three standard DVD cases and only slightly longer. The versatile Revolution will play either horizontally or vertically, allowing the user total flexibility in setting up a gaming session wherever they have a television.

4 thoughts on “Next Gen Nintendo

  1. What’s odd about the Nintendo Revolution release schedule?

    It’s pretty much been stated that Revolution and PS3 won’t hit the US until 2006!

    PS3 will probably release in Japan late this year but it’s been standard practice for Sony to release its new systems the year after the Japanese debut in the US. Revolution will hit the US and Japan around the same time.

    What I’m scratching my head about is why Nintendo is bothering with backward compatibility. Didn’t the GameCube sell worse than the N64?

  2. Perhaps so those that bought the previous consoles would find a reason of some sort to join up again with the plumber’s house.

  3. I own a Gamecube and it’s been a great system until the past year when several third party developers dropped out and I missed out on some great games (Burnout 3, Episode III, etc.). For that reason I have been seriously contemplating switching to Xbox. But backwards compatibility is a selling point for me so at this point I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    None of Xbox 360’s launch games excite me in the least. I guess I’m waiting to see what the Revolution actually is. I mean, we only have 10 years before we have to start scoffing at actually using our HANDS to play video games, so maybe Revolution has that next step thing going on…maybe it doesn’t. In any case it’s going to take one heckuva Crackshot to score THE system in the new marketplace, Elijah Wood protests notwithstanding.

  4. I’m probably going to wait for PS3 next year to see what’s up. I have a feeling Microsoft is getting ahead of the game with the X-Box 360 launch this year and could end with another Dreamcast situation on its hands…

    I doubt I’ll get an X-Box 360 with its lack of Hi-Def DVD support (not a big issue since hi-def DVD talks broke down over the weekend) and my not-so-impressed stance on Halo and the other 1 or 2 “must-have” X-Box exclusives.

    I just don’t see X-Box 360 convincing most gamers NOT to wait for PS3 and Revolution next year. I have a feeling a lot of the early X-Box 360 adopters will be turning in their systems soon after they come out…

    I think the only way I’d buy an X-Box now is if the price of the original system drops AT LEAST $20 and if more than 6 games show up that I really want. Right now, there are only about a half-dozen X-Box exclusives that look interesting to me otherwise everything else I want is already available on PS2, GameCube, and PSP.

    Don’t get me wrong — I like a lot of Nintendo brands and the systems are still the sturdiest and most reliably built, but they’ve gotta get on the ball with third-party support and design controllers for audiences other than children. Heck, they’ve really gotta get on the ball with aiming for more than just kids and convince people that Nintendo CAN make systems for HARD-CORE gamers again!

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