More interesting podcasting developments

GarageBand Podcast Studio is Unveiled, the leading independent music community, today announced “GarageBand Podcast Studio,” the world’s first Web-based tool to record, mix and publish a podcast. This new tool also offers consumers greater access to’s 40,000 active podcasts, which represents the world’s largest catalog of podcast-ready music. In conjunction with this launch, long-time member and American Idol finalist, Bo Bice, is featured on Papion, a new single now available through and the first track ever released by a major artist expressly for podcasting.

It’s not often I get to mix podcasting with American Idol.

One thought on “More interesting podcasting developments

  1. First I think it is great that GarageBand is doing something in the PodCasting arena, but I find it incredibly irritating that they are promoting Bo Bice so hard – NOW. They utterly failed to provide him or any other talented artist with a service to find their audience. Their rating system is irrelevant: Bo Bice never cracked the top 100 on Now that American Idol has provided him with the exposure, jumps on the band wagon and offers additional exposure???

    The purpose of GarageBand is to help find new upcoming artists. In this they have failed miserably and now they are only adding to the exposure that Bo already has. Bo don’t need ’em now he needed them two years ago and their service did SQUAT for him then.

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