Dumbest looking movie of all time?

I saw the trailer for STEALTH in front of STAR WARS III the other day. I was horrified. Have you seen this one yet? Let me sum up the plot for you:

Military creates new plane, which threatens the jobs of all the hot shot good-looking fly boys and girls they currently have in their upper echelons. The plane, you see, runs on its own.

But when the plane gets struck by lightning (I’m not kidding), its artificial intelligence is rewired (I’m still not kidding), and it attacks its creators (but of course), the cities, and more. Now, our hotshot fly boys and girls will have to destroy the supersmart killing machine.

Wow. And people call comic books stupid?!?

9 thoughts on “Dumbest looking movie of all time?

  1. Having watched the Terminator movies I was always under the impression that this was possible.

  2. This reminds me of that documentary Short Circuit, so of course it’s possible. Poor Johnny 5…

  3. And the funny thing is Joe Morton was in T2 and Stealth.

    I agree with rob, if it worked in Short Circuit has to work on planes. ;)

  4. Summer Catch, Blade: Trinity, Stealth…..quite a resume Jessica Biel is putting together for herself. Perhaps she’s still rebelling against Rev. Camden.

  5. Yeah, first thing I thought when I saw the trailer, “Hasn’t this kind of thing been done in the Terminator movies?”

  6. Damn, if only I’d thought of lightning when working on my AI thesis! Heck, I could’ve put the computer next to a shelf full of chemicals and a bunch of Legion of Super-Heroes statues and hoped for a trifecta of finishing my thesis, getting super-speed, and the powers of all the Legionnaires!

  7. Not that I would expect any of you to know this, but have you seen what they’ve done with Jessica Biel’s character on 7th Heaven? My wife likes the show so it ends up on our TV every Monday. I entertain myself by checking in to see how much further the writers of that can (not so) subtlely dig at Jessica Biel through her absentee character. Everytime anyone has anything to say about the show it’s always bad news and then the parents use the opportunity to dis her choices. It’s classic.


    Scott, they’re already making the sequel to the best “I got a computer so I’ve going to play against the WOMPNER in Global Thermal Nuclear War” movie.”

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