The real speed limit

This re-enforces what a lot of us believed already. Now, however, there’s a study to prove it.

Survey: Most States Allow Driving Speed Cushion

Authorities patrolling U.S. highways tend to give motorists a cushion of up to 10 miles per hour above the speed limit before pulling them over, says a survey by a group of state traffic safety officials. This practice creates an unsafe comfort level at high speeds and is a potential safety hazard, according to the report being released Monday by the Governors Highway Safety Association. The group found that 42 states allow drivers to regularly exceed the speed limit before they are stopped.

One thought on “The real speed limit

  1. I always set my cruise control at 8 or 9 miles over the speed limit when I’m on the highway. I’ve never gotten a ticket that way.

    When I was younger I got a lot of tickets. Every time, I was driving at least 15 miles over the limit and nearly every time the police officers wrote the ticket for 9 miles over the limit.

    I asked a couple of them if they stopped me and I was only going 9 mile over the limit, would they then write the ticket for 4 miles over the limit. They said they wouldn’t bother to stop anyone for speeding only 9 miles over the limit, unless they wanted to stop the driver for another reason and needed an excuse.

    So, I began setting my cruise at 9 miles over the limit (sometimes 8 for added security) and I’ve never been ticketed again. ;-)

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