The first step is acceptance

Bo Bice is still in denial.

Bice says he’s glad he lost ‘Idol’ final – American Idol –

Three weeks after being defeated by Carrie Underwood in the finals of “American Idol,” Bo Bice says he’s happy he lost. “People ask me, ‘What were you thinking while you stood there waiting for them to announce the winner?'” Bice says in the issue of Rolling Stone magazine on newsstands Friday. The answer? “Please, God, don’t let me win this thing.”


While the logic might be impeccable — I heard many of his fans saying it in the final weeks of the show — does anyone seriously believe him?

And if you missed it, Carrie Underwood’s single is now available for purchase. I picked it up on iTunes the other day.


5 Responses to “The first step is acceptance”

  1. Anonymous
    17. June 2005 at 20:11

    Carrie’s gonna flop hard, because she’s a genre act. Just like Ruben and Fantasia, who don’t have pop careers because they aren’t pop singers.

  2. Geoff
    17. June 2005 at 20:14

    The problem is when you are a genre act but aren’t allowed to do your own thing b/c you are the overall winner.

  3. Chris Arndt
    18. June 2005 at 02:42

    Oh please, Bice’s performance on the show is enough free publicity that if his stuff is really quality he’ll pick up a choice contract WITHOUT the obligation or limitations on prestige that comes with being THE American Idol.

  4. Brian G
    20. June 2005 at 10:27

    I dunno. Losing American Idol seemed to do more good for the clay muppet Clay Aiken than it did for the actual winner Ruben.

  5. Beau
    23. June 2005 at 23:54

    I’m going to have to go with the consensus here — not being obligated to take career advice from the geniuses behind “Inside Your Heaven” (Bo’s only slightly less painful version of it is now also available at iTunes) seems like a very good thing indeed to me. And when Clive Davis says he wants to produce you, being free to do so seems to be a Very Good Idea Indeed.