Opinions on the BBC’s Peep Show?

I love to sample shows that challenge the traditional television show formats. I’ve never heard of PEEP SHOW before today, but it sounds like it might be interesting. The first season is coming out on DVD in September. The review I read over here makes the show sound like an interesting experiment. It’s done with handheld cameras from the point of view of one of two main characters, whose every thought we get to hear.

This could be dreadfully tedious, or outrageously hilarious. Has anyone else seen this on BBC America? Any opinions?

2 thoughts on “Opinions on the BBC’s Peep Show?

  1. Hi there, I watch peepshow in the UK and can confirm that it is great. It takes a bit of getting used to like “the office” or “The pheonix club” but once you get into the characters its great.

    Have you ever seen “the league of gentleman” comedy series? would love to know what you think

  2. I’ve not seen LEAGUE although I’ve only ever heard good things about it.

    Thanks for the PEEP SHOW comments. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the future.

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