Monday Link Dump

  • Congrats to Mozilla Firefox for being PC World’s Product of the Year. Well deserved. See the Firefox button at right to download this essential computer tool.

  • A web site devoted to newspaper corrections, it’s helpfully named “Regret the Error.”

  • If you really need to know the eye color of your prospective child, here’s how to run the odds. You’ll need to know the eye colors of your parents, your s.o.’s parents, and all siblings. Ths should also be helpful for high school bio teachers looking to teach inheritance, alleles, etc.

  • Some guy named Ted Leo covers Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” (MP3 file) with just an acoustic guitar as backup. Impressive, scary, entertaining. You can also watch the video of the performance. (Hat tip to the archives of A Whole Lotta Nothing)

  • More efficient toilets. This site leans heavily on composting toilets and also has an entry on a “foam flush” toilet that cleans the toilet as it flushes, requiring only 3 ounces of water. I’m impressed. And frightened.

  • 25,000 Free Fonts

  • Beebo Gulfstream (see link at right) points to this video of the General Lee. Amazing bit of driving, that.

  • By the way, all links from this series of link dumps in the past week come from web sites listed in the right hand sidebar of this blog, if not specifically noted. And even then, they often come from there, but I feel obliged to be specific for some unknown reason.

5 thoughts on “Monday Link Dump

  1. Hey Augie (or anybody who has the answer) I reeeeally want that cover of Since U Been Gone on my iTunes/iPod but when I did a ‘save as’ it’s a real player mP3 file. Can’t import it. What can I do?

  2. There’s a tool called WireTap for the Mac that will record any and all sounds played across your computer and create an MP3 file of it.

    I’m sure there has to be a Windows program somewhere that will do the same thing, but I don’t know where. Anyone?

  3. Thanks, Augie. I’m on a Mac (at work, PC at home) and I hadn’t heard of that program, I’ll have to check it out. I actually found a simpler method right after I wrote that comment. I did ‘save as’ to my desktop and then just changed (or added in this case) the file extension to .mp3. Bam, right into iTunes. What a great cover. Thanks for the link.

  4. Total Recorder is a groovy Windows program that will record any sound that passes through your sound card and saves it in the WAV or MP3 format, among others. It is also the only application (that I know of) that will record live-streaming internet audio, which makes it worth the purchase.

  5. Larry – thanks for the link. Whenever I tout the virtues of WireTap to my PC friends, I always feel guilty about not knowing their equivalent.

    Griffin makes software now that will record live streaming audio. And WireTap has features on it that will allow you to record at a given time, more or less. But you still have to make sure your computer isn’t recording any other noises at the same time…

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