iTunes now podcasts

iTunes 4.9 is now available. This is the version with support for podcasting. They claim to have a directory of 3000 podcasts you can choose from. Most of the ones they tout on the front page are commercial radio shows with podcast feeds. There’s only a couple of “indie” podcasts so far, including Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code.

The link to submit your own podcast for inclusion is currently hosed. Adam Curry’s home page is also painfully slow today.

And it doesn’t look like you can get the Apple podcast directory through their web site.

More to come on this development in the days ahead, no doubt spread out across a thousand blogs and pods.

(It should also be noted that the iPod Photo and regular iPod lines are merging. The standard $300 20 GB iPod will now include a color screen. The 60 GB model is only $100 more. So tempting…)

2 thoughts on “iTunes now podcasts

  1. Wow. This is great news — I’ve been downloading news and entertainment interviews from KCRW via iPodder, but built-in support via iTunes is one less widget to fool with.

    Odd that they haven’t released their list over the Web yet, though.

  2. Yeah, having this all integrated into iTunes is a real bonus. I don’t like the recent updates to iPodderX, which seem to make it less and less intuitive, all the while becoming more complicated. Maybe I’ll start to loathe iTunes’ lack of podcasting features at some point, but right now it seems like a winner to me.

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