iTunes and Podcasting

Good news: Both the Various and Sundry DVD podcast and the Pipeline Comic Book podcast are listed through Apple iTunes. Judging by the descriptions attached, they’re just sucking their information out of the directory. I’d really like to change the descriptions of my podcasts to something more elegant and informative, but what are ya gonna do?

I’ve only had a few minutes to play with it so far, but I like it. It will likely replace iPodderX. I’ve become increasingly annoyed by that one’s constant updates and increasingly complicated set-up. It’s getting more complicated, with buttons decorated by useless icons without tool tips to explain what they’re for. I don’t want to have to mouse up to the menu bar across the top to get something done. I want to push a button, guys. I’m getting lazy in my old age.

iTunes seems really simple so far. Go to the directory. Subscribe. There are lots of recommended podcasts with little graphics to go along with them. Obviously, I need to look into creating a graphic for my podcasts, but I’m working on something like that for this website, in general. It’ll all fit in together eventually, somehow.

After you subscribe, iTunes downloads the most recent podcast for you, and will check on it every day from here on out. Podcasts get their own directory. They can transfer to the iPod with the push of another button.

Simple, quick, and easy.

Update: Apple’s page dedicated to How To Podcast with Garageband is finally up and running. I’m using Garageband to record my voice right now, and Audacity to edit it. I really need to learn more about Garageband and loops and maybe putting some music in there… Are there any good tutorials for that on-line somewhere, or do I need to suck it up and buy a book?

4 thoughts on “iTunes and Podcasting

  1. Have you found an easy way to subscribe to multiple podcasts? I found having to click on “Podcast Directory” and then scroll to and click on a category every time to be seriously annoying.

  2. I haven’t gone that far yet. I’m not subscribed to too many, so I’m not too worried about it. I’ll look tonight. I have an idea, though…

    In the meantime, if you know the name of the podcast you want to subscribe to, just search on it. That’s the easiest way. Parsing through directories gets tedious to me.

  3. I’ve never really listened to podcasts before and thus was not sure which ones I might like, so I found myself browsing through the various categories looking for titles and descriptions that sounded interesting. It was a vary tedious process.

  4. I’m sticking with iPodder for now — the current iTunes interface is incredibly clunky, leaving aside all the bizarre changes they made to the rest of the program in this edition.

    If you want to subscribe to five or six things from KCRW, for instance (as well you should), you have to either renavigate there every time from the Podcasts menu or (counterintuitively and discovered by accident) click on the iTunes store window, which takes you back to where you were before.

    The podcasts also don’t play nice with the rest of the library — I can’t sort them into the folders I’d already been using with podcasts downloaded from iPodder and I can’t add them (or remove them, in the case of the Recently Added playlist) to playlists.

    And I’m leaving aside opening day issues of not having many of their pointers aimed at the right spots for podcasts that were working just fine through iPodder.

    iTunes will be a great way to get podcasts in the next update or two. Hopefully, at that point, the notion will be sufficiently mainstream that the music industry can figure out a better licensing agreement and enable KCRW shows like Morning Becomes Eclectic to stream on out to a world waiting to hear interesting music again.

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