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  1. People ought to care about the Miss America Pageant, but it’s horribly misrepresented itself over the past few years, and the insular pageant mom world has meant they don’t really get what the audience wants.

    Why you should care: The Miss America Pageant system, from the local level through nationals, provides more scholarship money for girls than any private institution in America. As a result, the pageant is full of people in college, hoping to go to college, hoping to go to grad school, hoping to go to law or medical school. Years ago, I followed the progress of Miss Virginia, who happened to be from our coverage area. She was puttng her winnings towards a William & Mary law degree.

    Of course, they’re not run by Donald Trump, who realizes that people watch pageants like Miss USA and Miss Universe because sex sells. The Miss America pageant has gotten progressively less and less sexy over the years, and their ratings have fallen accordingly.

    No, neither system are huge ratings-getters now, but the day after the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, you will find pictures of the winners all over the Internet. You won’t find that for Miss America. And the first step to getting ratings and revenue is to create interest and awareness, which Miss America is less and less capable of doing, despite its much stronger brand name.

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