NYC to track Diabetes?

If my political blog had a diabetes category, I’d probably post it there, but since it doesn’t — here you go.

N.Y. Diabetes-Tracking Plan Draws Concern – Yahoo! News

A century after New York became the first American city to track people with infectious diseases as a way to halt epidemics, officials here propose a similar system to monitor people with diabetes, a non-contagious foe. Conceived after a sharp rise in diabetes deaths over the past 20 years, the plan would require medical labs to report to the city the results of a certain type of test that indicates how well individual patients are controlling their diabetes.

I think it’s a stupid idea and another invasion of privacy.

But for what it’s worth — my A1c score is 6.5 as of the beginning of July when it was last tested. Come and get me, NYC.


2 Responses to “NYC to track Diabetes?”

  1. Beau
    26. July 2005 at 14:07

    “I think it’s a stupid idea and another invasion of privacy.”

    That sounds like the consensus from pretty much everyone I’ve heard speaking about it, diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    26. July 2005 at 15:06

    It’s one thing if they ask for it voluntarily. I’d probably sign a release at my doctor’s office to offer up my A1c score anonymously to the government for the sake of some sort of statistical survey.

    But why the ADA is in favor of this is beyond me. They won’t be getting a check from me for a while now. I’ll stick with the JDRF, until they say something stupid.