Reality TV update

BIG BROTHER 6: The producers must hate Kaysar by now. They had tonight pegged as the time for a “Big Reveal.” They were going to tell the house guests about the partners they all secretly have. Except, Kaysar already let the cat out of the bag over the weekend, and most of them suspected certain pairs already going back as far as week one. Now, I suppose, they’re down to telling the house guests about the big money at the end if a pair wins. Either that, or open a safe. (The house guests might need help. They’ve proven a frustrating lack of knowledge in both geography, cartography, and mathematics this week towards that goal.)

Kaysar, though, has made for great television and put the house into complete turmoil. I LOVE IT. Great TV.

My only question remains this: What did Eric ever do to James to tick him off so badly? I can’t remember this Big Lie James seems to believe Eric wronged him with. . .

I forgot to mention it last week, but was the near-porn music really necessary to underscore the relationship between Michael and Janelle in bed last week? Wow, I was waiting for the “Boom-Chakkawakka” sound effects with it.

INXS: Yes, I watched it on Tuesday night. Haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, but — well, it ain’t too bad. It’s like rock and roll American Idol, with more tattoos. It was a mixed bag of talent, with their own vernacular. However, there’s a lot to compare to American Idol in there, too. I haven’t heard anyone talk of “making a song your own” just yet, but they’re skirted around it a couple of times. I also like that the performances are taped and not live. It lets the editors hack and slash their way straight to the point of the judges’ comments. It keeps things moving at a brisk pace.

Sure, she didn’t show range, but I enjoyed “Rock the Casbah” from Daphna. Heather’s “If It Makes You Happy” did not. That was wretched. And then I felt old when hostess Brooke Burke mentioned it was a “Sheryl Crow classic.” “Classic?” Is the song old enough yet to be a classic?

Can Brooke sound more rehearsed and pained while reading the cue cards? Ryan Seacrest is a natural. Brooke is not.

Ty’s “Everybody Hurts” was good, but I don’t think it was as strong as the judges thought. I also thought he should keep his shirt buttoned. He’s not fat, but he’s not quite skinny or buff enough to pull that look off. MiG should also keep his shirt buttoned, because I was blinded by his pasty whiteness. He should also get a real name.

Brandon’s “Tempted” was flat and awful. And J.D.’s “We Are The Champions” was mostly wrong. I hope he was forced into singing the song, otherwise he’s just showing poor judgment and should be kicked off now.

The show is entertaining, and it definitely stretches the dormant AI muscles in my brain, so I might just stick with it for a couple more weeks.

I think the thing that surprises me most is how willing the performers are to admit they stunk. They’re not playing politics with the audience at home. They’re honest when they think they missed a song, and they don’t talk back to the judges, instead treating them with a modicum of respect. I suppose that since the winner has to work with the judges after the competition, it’s likely a good idea NOT to tick them off.

WORLD SERIES OF P***R: UGH, could they find a more stereotypically “Jersey” boy to put on the final table this week? UGH UGH UGH The necklace was just a little bit over the top.

Still, it was a fun final table, even if the rigid one hour format leaves little room to show anything other than the real highlights and final hands for the players. The biographical sketches are interesting, though, and the final presentation feels different from the World Poker Tour. It’s good that every show has its own approach.


3 Responses to “Reality TV update”

  1. Beau
    28. July 2005 at 17:05

    “And J.D.’s “We Are The Champions? was mostly wrong. I hope he was forced into singing the song, otherwise he’s just showing poor judgment and should be kicked off now.”

    Well, yes and no. Monday’s show him jockeying to get the show, without remembering he was Freddie Mercury. Then they showed him desperately trying to sing it in a number of different ways, and failing, and then trying to con Jordis into taking it back (she had also wanted it), going so far as to hit on her to try and soften her up.

    Jordis may be a kid, relatively speaking, but she’s met guys like J.D. And she probably already knew she wasn’t Freddie Mercury. She’s my current favorite to win the whole shooting match, but heck, I thought Daphna had a few more weeks in her, so who knows.

  2. John C.
    29. July 2005 at 09:29

    Whenever I hear people sing Queen songs I’m reminded of just how damn good Mercury was. J.D. started the song so low as to almost be comical, clearly so as to leave himself enough room for the high notes (the song had to be transposed at least a step down), and then STILL couldn’t hit the high notes.

    Surprised at the number of plain bad performances. Tyand Jordis seem to be the two to beat at this early stage.

    I haven’t seen a Monday show yet but might have to try. The jockeying for song choice sounds fun.

    And if Brooke Burkes calls them “rockers” again I’m going to throw a show through my TV.

  3. Kirblar
    29. July 2005 at 14:05

    James had a F4 deal with Eric(w/o maggie) and kept Eric’s nominations last week. When Kaysar (this was intentional) nominated Maggie and James, Eric immediately turned on James and rallied the “evil bitches” to vote James out. When James realized this he came clean with Kaysar and finalized the 6 person Jedi alliance. He was completely betrayed by Eric, who is a gigantic hypocrite.