Microsoft unveils new browser

IE 7 Beta has innovative new features: It combines the refresh and stop buttons at the top of the browser into ONE button. (Wait, Safari does that already.) It also shares a history drop down between the back and forward arrows. If you want to open a new tab, you have the option of clicking on a blank quarter tab.

That’s it.

There’s something there about stopping Phishers, but I doubt MS knows what they’re doing with that, let alone anyone else.

Aren’t we all impressed? Aren’t we all ready to change the way we browse the web today? Every other “innovation” is clearly copied from Firefox.

Still, it looks like a vast improvement from IE6 or 5. That’s setting the bar fairly low, though.


One Response to “Microsoft unveils new browser”

  1. Shane
    31. July 2005 at 13:16

    I use Avant Browser.