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Podcasting HacksNewly arrived to bookstores — or, at least, Amazon — is the O’Reilly book covering the art of Podcasting. PODCASTING HACKS is not the first and certainly won’t be the last to discuss the podcasting world, but it does have one major advantage: Me.

I’m not kidding. Check out the link for the book’s index. I am in there. The author, Jack Herrington, interviewed me a few months ago for a “case study” section of the book. My copy of the book is shipping from Amazon, but I wanted to scream the good news to everyone: in a small way, I’m now part of O’Reilly, the best publisher of tech books known to man or alien. I am page 165.

Wednesday Link Dump

New releases, 30 August 2005

Welcome to the longest free form DVD release list ever. The comment-free release list can be found at DVDJournal.com.

* Backyardigans: It’s Great to Be a Ghost


* Blue Ice (1992)

Better than yellow ice.

* The Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition (2-disc set) (1980)

The first movie to feature a dead fat cokehead.

* Britney & Kevin: Chaotic

Six episodes of pure train wreck.

* Clueless: The Whatever Edition (1995)

Whatever, indeed.

* Corvette Summer (1978)

I had a great summer once with a Ford Festiva, but nobody offered me a movie deal.

* Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season Four (2-disc set)

I’m still on season one, but it’s a very funny show.

* Curly Top (1935)

Use a hair straightener.

* Dance with Death (1991)

Just don’t step on her toes —

* Dead Silence (1995)

— because this would be the result.

* Doomsday Gun (1994)

Go fig – we do need gun control.

* Eleanor & Franklin: The Early Years

I’m waiting for the sequel of John and Teresa: The Early Years. The ketchup product placement in the kitchen scenes might be distracting, though.

* Fairly OddParents: Scary Godparents

That’s what my goddaughter thinks of me, actually.

* Fathers and Sons (2005)

Better than “Fathers and Son.”

* Fire and Ice (1983)

A movie inspired by Frazetta, as I recall.

* Garfield and Friends: Vol. 4 (3-disc set)

Nothing snarky here. Buy it. “Picnic Panic” comes to DVD, at last.

* Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (1971)

Natalie Hollowell is one of them now.

* Heidi (1937)

Sorry, can’t watch it. There’s a Jets game on.

What? Wrong HEIDI? Crap.

* Hero at Large (1980)

But he’s going on Celebrity Fit Club’s next season, so he won’t be for long.

* The Hidden/The Hidden 2 (1987/1994)

I guess they finally found it, since there’s no HIDDEN 3.

* House: Season One (3-disc set)

Next season, it finally becomes a home.

* I Was a Zombie for the FBI (1982)

Best movie title of the week.

* Justice (2004)


* Land of the Lost: Stak Attack

This should be an obvious punchline, but I don’t have one.

* Lilo & Stitch 2 (2005)

Another Disney direct-to-video cheap crappy sequel, no doubt.

I’m only half way through the list and I’m so tired. . .

* Loving Couples (1980)

I can’t believe any two actors from Hollywood could play the title role convincingly.

* Mind of the Married Man: Season One (2-disc set)

I confused this with another show during the podcast this week, so just ignore my comments there.

* Mistrial (1996)

Not for long. Soon, she’ll marry Bob and be Mrs. Trial. (No, that doesn’t make sense. Just keep moving.)

* Monster-in-Law (2005)

A PERFECT role for Jane Fonda.

* The Morning After (1986)

Lots of throwing up, if it involved Jane Fonda.

* Nip/Tuck: Season Two (6-disc set)

Lots of you like it. Here you have it.

* One Last Dance (2003) I was at a wedding this past week where the CD skipped and the DJ ended the reception on the last song. True story.

* Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003)

I need this movie. I also need time to watch it.

* Pete Best: Best of the Beatles

If the fifth Beatle was the best Beatle, then Ringo must really suck.

* Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

Arrrr! Avast, ye OSes!

* The Purifiers (2004)

A movie about Cuisinarts.

* Rollover (1981)

Sit. Good boy!

* Roseanne: Season One (4-disc set)

No thanks.

* Sahara (2005)

That reminds me — I’m thirsty.

* School of the Holy Beast (Seiju gakuen) (2005)

In other words: High school.

* Schultze Gets the Blues (2005)

But the doctor gave him new meds, so it should clear up soon.

* Secrets of a Call Girl (Anna, quel particolare piacere) (1973) * The Sensuous Nurse (L’infermiera) (1975) * The Shirley Temple Collection: Vol. 1 (3-disc set)

That’s just an odd trilogy of titles to show up in a row like that, don’tcha think?

* Shot Through the Heart (1998)

And you’re too late. You give love a bad name.

* Strapped (1993)

Maybe this belongs up there with THE SENSUOUS NURSE.

* Strawberry Shortcake: Moonlight Mysteries

The butler did it.

* Street Trash (1987)


* Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition (1995)

Our second dead fat cokehead of the week.

* Twelfth Night (1996)

But on the 13th, he rested his noodly appendages.

* Walk on Water (2004)

No, thanks. I did that last night. A good magician never repeats his tricks. A good hooker, on the other hand. . . (Really, I try to keep this blog G-rated, but sometimes I have to go for it.)

* Water Under the Bridge (2003)

Unless it’s in New Orleans right now, that’s likely where the water is.

* Warm Springs (2005)

I doubt even the IMDB would remember this movie. Oh, wait, it was a TV movie. All bets are off.

* Wild Life


* The Winter Guest (1997)

Mr. Frosty? But he always melts in the end. . .

* Wise Guys (1986)

For my birthday, they brought me gold, frankincense, and myrrh. (Remember what I said above about walking on water? Get it?)

I’m tired. Next week’s release list is longer, and includes BUFFALO BILL (Seasons 1 and 2), CRASH, FRAGGLE ROCK!!!! That’s all I need to say. See you then!

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VMA 2005 Thoughts

  • I should really podcast these things. Even if I can’t come up with enough material to make a true Director’s Commentary type of thing, I think I could sustain a solid hour of material by just watching this thing and riffing on everything and everyone.

  • His name is “Diddy” now. I got it.

  • He gave Gwen Stefani the Best Dressed prize as a consolation. He saw how upset she was to lose an award first thing in the evening to Kelly Clarkson.

  • Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. VERY cute to bring your friend, Ashley, out on stage with you. Reminded me of your AI roots. On the other hand, the remix of “Since U Been Gone” was a mess. Blame live TV if you like. The audio was atrocious, but I don’t think it could have gone much better. That said, I would like to hear a studio recording of this version of the song.

  • IT’S HAMMER TIME! How do you top that? I have an idea, MTV: Why don’t we show Hammer dancing, instead of the dozen cuts to crowd reaction shots from the same six big names in the crowd you have the cameras constantly trained on?

  • Better question: Was MTV covering the big names in the audience with cameras so that they could cut to them at any time, or for later police investigations?

  • Ah, water. And fire. Great themes to have while the hurricane is destroying a city a couple of states over. Brilliant.

  • Eva Longoria is cute, but that bathing suit didn’t do much for her. If I want to see camel toe, I’ll go to the circus tents.

  • After Kelly Clarkson, the only white women on the stage were members of the parade of peroxide champions (with heavy black eyeliner, usually) as presenters. And Gwen Stefani.

  • The only one wearing more black eyeliner was the lead singer from Green Day.

  • This show has no entertainment value whatsoever from a musical point of view. It’s all spectacle.

  • Still, I could watch Shakira pop and lock her hips all day long.

  • I watched all of the above — and much more — inside of 30 minutes.

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Tuesday Link Dump

DVD Podcast for 30 August 2005

This is the thirty-fifth DVD podcast:
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Rockstar: INXS

I recently came across a comment I left on my own blog a couple of months ago, in which I said that I didn’t have any interest in the band, INXS, and so wouldn’t bother with the TV show.


I should have been covering this show as closely as I ever cover AMERICAN IDOL. It’s a more mature and entertaining AI. I hope the appearance of a full hour episode last night means that the ratings are starting to pick up, and that the network is giving them more time as needed. In the meantime, I’ll continue to watch the Sunday night episode on VH1 in lieu of the Monday night CBS episode.

Jordis learned an important lesson last night: It’s better to suck than to be mediocre. When your performance is a complete train wreck — as her rendition of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” was on Tuesday night — you’re more likely to get extra support from your fans to carry you through. She needs to be careful, though. One mediocre performance this coming week, and it’ll be easy on INXS to drop her, even given her outstanding past performances.

It would seem that Mig, J.D., and Marty are going to be your Final Three. While I think Marty is still the one to beat, I could give plenty of wiggle room for the other two to win it all. Ty will be out fourth, most likely, right after Suzie and Jordis.

The remaining contestants are all great singers and performers, though. None of them are bad. I wish I could ever say the same about the top 6 on American Idol. The big question now is, “Who is right for their band, INXS?” It’s an awful catch phrase that I can’t help but repeat maniacally all day long.

“Hey, Augie, can I join you for lunch?” “I’m sorry, but you’re just not right for our band, INXS.”

“Augie, I have five more minutes of work to do before I leave. Wait for me?” “I’m sorry, but you’re just not right for our band, INXS. Now come over here and give us a proper good-bye.”

It’s a fun game to play.

Don’t forget to check out video of all the performances at rockstar.msn.com.

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