New releases, 16 August 2005

Not much of interest this week, so I’ll keep this short. The DVD podcast might go up tonight, or it might go up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay this week – real life gets in the way sometimes, and gratefully so.

Dave Chappelle’s For What It’s Worth

It’s dead, Jim. The Chappelle Mystique is gone. He’s unofficially a washed-up has-been.

Little Britain: Series One (2-disc set)

British TV fans — any good?

The Office: Season One (U.S. series)

Not a bad show, but I don’t need the DVDs.

The Simpsons: Season Six

This starts the new box formats, with Homer providing the shape this time around.

Sin City (2005)

Don’t bother. Wait for the special edition. Even the movie’s director is saying that. Undeclared: The Complete Series

OK, this time it’s really really due out.

Next week: ALF, HAPPY GILMORE special edition, THE RING TWO, and the long-not-awaited THAT’S MY MAMA (Seasons 1 and 2). And more.

7 thoughts on “New releases, 16 August 2005

  1. I pre-ordered the SIMPSONS boxed set, but only because I had a gift certificate, so it only cost me $7 to do so. I had to own the Homer Head box. . .

  2. Little Britain is the best comedy sketch show to be made in a while. It’s a satirical and sometimes close-to-the-bone look at the kind of people supposedly making up britain today, all held together brilliantly with an upsurd voiceover by Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame. The 2 stars you won’t know, but Anthony Stewart Head is in every episode as the Prime Minister whose male aide has a big crush on. Trust me on this you won’t be dissapointed. Standout characters are hopeless tranvestite Emily Howard, tearaway schoolgirl Vicky Pollard(another drag turn), dishonest and jopless hypnotist Kenny Craig and the always enteraining “Lou and Andy” (basically a wheelchair bound person who isn’t really disabled and his not-caught-on-to-that-yet carer). will provide you with some classic clips

  3. I got my Simpsons Season 6 set yesterday in the mail from Amazon. Within the packaging is an offer to send away for a traditional Simpsons DVD box, so the anal retentive among us can have the sets line up in order nice and neat. The box is “free” but $2.95 for S&H. And yes, I ordered mine today. Partly to have the nice set, and partly because the Homer head does not seem very sturdy. It’s a soft plastic case, much like a convenience store cup.

  4. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Little Britain will show up on Netflix.

    I initially didn’t have any interest in The Office DVD. However, after reading the review on, I’d like to listen to the commentaries and see the deleted scenes (apparently close to an hours worth).

  5. LITTLE BRITAIN is gold here too in Australia. Explodo-pop comedy. Can’t get much any where now without overhearing somebody utter one of the many catchphrases.

    “Computer says no.”

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