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New Releases, 23 August 2005

This is not the complete list. (This is the nearly complete list.) It’s not even the same list I used for the podcast last night. It is, however, a list of DVDs released to stores today.

Alf: Season Two (4-disc set)

Maybe they’ll use the right masters this time.

Billy Madison: Special Edition (widescreen) (1995) Billy Madison: Special Edition (full-frame) (1995) Happy Gilmore: Special Edition (widescreen) (1996) Happy Gilmore: Special Edition (full-frame) (1996)

Why would you buy a “special edition” in full-frame format?

Boy Meets World: Season Three

Matt Brady – this one is for you.

Everyone else – don’t ask, don’t tell.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (single-disc edition) (1982) Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life (single-disc edition) (1983)

Sometimes, that second disc is just Too Much Information.

Futurama: Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection

Love the title. That’s all.

The OC: Season Two (7-disc set)

Arune Singh – this one is for you. Someday, you’ll use the power of the OC to actually be successful is diffusing a tense blog comment thread.

The Ring Two (unrated) (widescreen) (2005) The Ring Two (unrated) (full-frame) (2005) The Ring Two (R-rated) (full-frame) (2005) Ringu 2 (1999) Ringu Anthology of Terror (4-disc set)

Couldn’t get enough of The Ring? You should after this week.

Six Feet Under: Season Four (5-disc set)

Show’s over. Enjoy the memories.

The Transporter: Special Delivery Edition (2002)

While I don’t think the movie needed a special edition release, I did enjoy it in a “check your brain at the door” kind of way.

Gladiator: Extended Edition (3-disc set) (2000) New Jack City: Special Edition (2-disc set) (1991) The Truman Show: Special Edition (1998) Witness: Special Edition (1985)

More special editions. We just can’t get enough, can we? Can you believe it’s been twenty years since WITNESS?

GLADIATOR, at least, does contain new material added back into the movie.

Next week: The volume of GARFIELD AND FRIENDS with the “Picnic Panic” short is released! What more do you need? OK, how about BRITNEY AND KEVIN: CHAOTIC? Yeah, you’ll be back.

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DVD Podcast for 23 August 2005

This is the thirty-fourth DVD podcast:
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Inspiration for this week’s podcast from Mike’s Manic Minute.

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Hybrid car waiting lists

I found a partial answer to last week’s question. It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it’s still pretty handy, and you can narrow down the scope of the table to get the results I was looking for: Price Pulse

People submit their purchase price, wait list time, comments, and more after purchasing their hybrid. The table at the link is the result.

And, look at that: The Ford Escape Hybrid doesn’t have much, if any, of a waiting list. It’s now becoming tempting. Might be worth a test drive sometime soon. . .

Monday Link Dump – TV themed edition

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Sunday Link Dump – More Music Special

UPDATE: Thanks to Ryan for pointing out something on the front page of Weird Al’s site:

Al has finished recording and mixing the first six songs for his new album. No word yet on when he and the band will be going back in the studio, but we’ll keep you posted!

We’re getting there. . .

  • And now for the Flash you’ve waited all weekend for. Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video animated with stick figures. (And, yes, I know about the Walken2008 web site. Everyone else linked to it already. I’ll save you the repetition.)

New links category

You may have noticed already that I added a new “Links” category to the list of blogs in the right hand column. As the link dumps have become a permanent fixture here, I only thought it fair to point out some of the more popular sites I visit on a daily basis to find the links I include here. Some of the names will no doubt look familiar to you.

Saturday Link Dump – Music special

Hybrid question

I’ve been surfing around this week looking for something specific, but have failed to find it. In Googling around, the first thing I notice about the most popular hybrid car web sites is that they’re all horribly out of date. I keep getting links to stories and sites on the Ford Escape’s big launch, when it’s already in its second year, for example.

But that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m trying to find a web site or a page somewhere that is kept up to date tracking the waiting list on hybrid cars. Apple enthusiasts keep track of how long it’s been since the last update to their favorite computer models. Linux fans track how long it’s been since their favorite OS’ last upgrade, or when the next one is scheduled to ship.

But who is tracking the average wait for a person to buy a hybrid car these days? Surely, the numbers are shooting up this summer. But I’d love to see a simple table broken down by car of the shortest, longest, and average time spent on a waiting list for a potential hybrid car owner.


Friday link dump

BB6 Spoilers for 8/18

Whoa. So much to talk about, but first I need to send an open letter to Janelle.

Dear Janelle,

Congratulations on your HoH win tonight. Don’t know how legit it is, given how you changed your answer when Julie asked you to turn it right-side up. There’s a big question mark hanging over that little event, and I’ll be shocked if it isn’t splitting the Reality TV portion of the internet in two at this very minute.

But let’s just go with the decision of the producers being final. Julie clearly was waiting for confirmation on who won the game in her ear piece. She was as confused as the rest of us. Did you pick up a tell from Howie, sitting in front of you and reading the other signs first, to go lower? Who knows? We’ll give you the win.

Your celebration was age appropriate, just as you and your second grade chum, Howie, have acted all week. But it should be tempered by this knowledge: The other “team” holds an advantage right now of 6 to 3. I’m giving James to “The Friendship,” due to his trust in Ivette. One of the other team is going to be gone after this weekend. That makes it 5 – 3. When it comes time for the next HoH competition, your team will be at a 5 – 2 disadvantage for the competition, as you won’t be allowed to compete. I’m not saying that makes it impossible, but it does make it fairly likely that you’ll be down 5 – 2 after the next eviction. And guess what? It’s not Rachel everyone else in the house is mad at. It’s you and Howie, for acting like obnoxious drunks and second graders. I don’t think you’re going to convince April or Jennifer — who you almost had swayed to your side just a couple of weeks ago — that Rachel should be booted for being too quiet next week.

Enjoy the victory. It is short-lived.


Seriously, is there anyone left in the house to like? I used to like Howie until this episode. Sure, he’s loutish and a baboon, but he was never obnoxious like this before. Kaysar is playing the classic loser game in boasting about his pride and dignity after appearing on a reality show and losing it TWICE. Appearing in studio with Julie on an eviction week episode three weeks in a row, Kaysar? That’s just sad. Eric went bonkers when he was nominated. Maggie and Ivette have shown a little too much of the Cappie love, though I love it when Maggie plays quiet and everyone else makes up their mind about what she’s thinking. Beau is nasty when drunk. Janelle is the uberbitch of the series, making illogical and nonsensical points before basking in what she perceives to be her own brilliance, with smug satisfaction. April cries because someone calls her dog fat or something.

James is looking like The Man of the House right now, just for keeping his own company so well.

Stay tuned this weekend. This stuff is just heating up.

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I have to side with Disney

According to tonight’s Drudge newsflash, Disney chairman Robert Iger is threatening simultaneous DVD and theatrical releases. Movie theaters are, to put it mildly, complaining that this is a death threat against them.

It isn’t. It’s only a death threat to an industry which fails to change with the times, gives us crappy theaters to watch movies in, fails to light the film brightly enough in a misguided effort to save light bulbs, doesn’t control the crowds of chatty cell phone toting teenagers, overcharges for snack foods, and shows a half hour of commercials before every movie.

The movie theater experience is ALREADY dead, and the movie theater owners are the ones responsible, NOT Disney. Disney is only threatening to put the nail in the coffin. Perhaps it’s time for the movie theater owners to consider changing some things to make going to the movies a pleasant experience again, and one that’s actually worth the $10 (at a minimum) a person.

More cool DVD announcements is a Must Visit daily for announcements like these:

The second one is interesting. They’re planning on releasing all 25 episodes on nine discs in one set for just $70. That’s impressive. That price includes bonus material. Larry Hertzog, who created the show, was one of the early TV people to take to the web to discuss his show and thank the fans. I can remember a fairly grainy black and white webcam video message he sent out to everyone on the newsgroup (I think it was) thanking them for the support as the show ended.