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Consider this post and all its comments below it to be rife with spoilers.

I don’t get it. I really don’t. It’s not that I don’t think “The Friendship” isn’t a horribly pretentious name for an alliance, nor that its members aren’t given to the occasional “high and mighty” moments, but what’s the attraction to Janelle? Why does America love her and that scumbag Howie so dang much? Is it the blonde hair, fake boobs, and availability factor? (This differentiates her from April in that April is married.)

Ivette’s whining about souls and money is annoying, I’ll also grant you.

It’s gotten to the point now where I’m rooting for Maggie, who has very smartly played it quietly this week. She’s not giving speeches about her own superiority. She’s very protective of her alliance. She’s not being obnoxious, generally speaking, and she’s the voice of reason amongst her alliance. She does know what she’s doing.

Janelle is a ditz who happens to know how to play the game. Personally, I find her repugnant and immature. Buddying up to The Friendship is a smart move. She sees that and she’s doing the right thing. The Friendship sees that, also, but will they act on it? If I were any of those three remaining right now, I’d set my sights firmly on getting Janelle out next week. You can’t go up against her in the final vote. Janelle is the most dangerous person in the house at the moment. She’ll get votes from people who say she played the game well, from those who actually like her, and from those (potentially) who fell out of favor with the last remaining Friendship member in the game during final evictions.

If you’re Maggie, April, or Ivette, you’re better off going into the final two with a member of your own alliance. At the very least, you deny Janelle the first AND second place moneys this way. You have a coin flip chance of winning — and, at the very least, you won’t lose to the blonde who already got the widescreen TV, the trip to 2 and a Half Men, and the phone call from firggin’ Michael. I think that America’s Choice may have been the nadir of Big Brother history — a contestant wins a chance at a phone call from a loved one at home, and she chooses an evicted houseguest from two weeks ago? ARGH

OK, I’m rambling. The discussion thread is open. Have at it. Someone please tell me why Janelle is a likeable contestant. I won’t try to deny you that she deserves to win. I just want to know why America keeps voting for her. Is it the AMERICAN IDOL theory of voting for the worst contestant to upset everyone and make the show more interesting? Help.

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  1. There are two reasons Janelle keeps winning. The first is that she’s the only non-Friendship member left in the house and a majority of the BB6 viewing audience outright hates the Friendship.

    Second, there have been several campaigns out there (including one sponsored by TVGasm) to vote for Janelle in the last two America’s Choice segments for one reason and one reason alone: to piss off The Friendship. For the phone call contest, TVGasm even had banners up that said “Make the Friendship cry, vote for Janelle.”

    And it worked. In spades.

    And it was glorious. Seeing Ivette throw a trantrum and hearing April show her true colors by calling America “pieces of shit” was fantastic.

    Which is why she won again this week because a majority of the BB6 viewing audience loathes those women so much that they want to drive them crazy by awarding prizes to the one person they hate the most: Janelle.

    Augie, you’re in the minority — a majority of BB6 viewers HATE Maggie, Ivette and April. HATE them. Most of America hates the friendship because they’ve constructed a fantasy world in which they are perfect and everyone else is flawed, and they insist upon perpetuating that illusion even as they provide a stream of evidence that causes their idealized perception of themselves to crumble.

    Then there’s former/current friendship member Jen Vasquez, who started all of this raging vitriol due to her underhanded dealing with Kaysar. Check out for an idea.

    You should seriously read some of the live feed recaps, Augie. The remaining three Friendship members are vile people who have hated Janelle for no good reason from day one. Their jealousy is showing through. They’re hateful, spiteful people, and judging by the way the editors handled Saturday’s show, the producers are sick of them, too.

  2. Jen pulled off perhaps the most audacious move in BIG BROTHER history. Kaysar pulled off perhas the dumbest one, second only to Marcelis (sp?) not vetoing himself. And how anyone can take Howie seriously after his “two day breakdown,” I’ll never know. The kid’s a punk, and he’s about 10 years too old to be a “punk kid.”

    I’m not saying The Friendship is without fault. Heck, I pointed out the faults in my writeup, but Janelle is such a self-obsessed holier than thou type… I can’t stand her. She’s a sore winner AND a sore loser. It’s ugly. When Ivette won HoH, she didn’t flip off Janelle. She cheered and cried, but she didn’t flip off Janelle and call her names.

    I’ve seen these internet-based voting campaigns attempted before. They haven’t worked, although the organizers inevitably take credit for them.

  3. This one worked across the board because SO MANY BB6 sites organized the efforts — they got Kaysar back into the house (by an OVERWHELMING majority) and they got Janelle the victory TWICE.

    Augie, you’d be surprised at how many people hate the Friendship, Maggie included.

    You are aware that the Friendship members claim that the only way Janelle is winning POV/HOH/AC is that the producers are letting her win or giving her multiple chances to win because she’s having sex with them, right?

    Ivette won HOH because Maggie threw it for her. Ivette’s post HOH victory bit was pretty much the only time she HASN’T called Janelle (or anyone else she determines is against her, for that matter) terrible names. Again, watch the live feeds. She was very fond of calling Kaysar “Osama” and labeling him a “terriorist” behind his back when he was still in the house. That, for me, ranks her right up there with Jun and Alison from season 4, the two most despicable BB contestants of all time.

    Janelle flipped off Jen only AFTER Jen threw the key to the ground.

    I’m not defending Janelle, I’m just pointing out that the Friendship aren’t these golden children you seem to think they are. Janelle is just LESS disgusting than The Friendship.

  4. Dude, I loathe The Friendship-what a bunch of jackasses. April, what are you thinking by calling the audience names? Not a smart move there. They seem to come off so unfriendly (no pun intended) and mean spirited which causes the audience to instantly root against them.

    I’d rather hang out with Howie, Janelle and Kaysar any day over anyone in the so called Friendship.

    Last rambling thought, for a gang of folks who call themselves The Friendship, there really doesn’t seem to be any loyalty or comraderie among them (despite the obvious nomination fears, whereas, you can see Howie, Janelle, Kaysar, and even James hanging out together I can’t believe you got me watching this show, Augie.

  5. Janelle flipped off Jen only AFTER Jen threw the key to the ground. <<

    That’s not how I remembered it. But I’m sure Janelle called her a bitch before she dropped the key to the ground. As I remember, she didn’t drop that key until provoked by the poor winner. Janelle is just a classless as the rest of them.

    OK, let’s all agree on this: reality show contestants are a narcissistic bunch of immature whiners.

    And I NEVER said The Friendship were all Golden Children. I’ve pointed out how Ivette has annoyed me now on multiple occasions. Their Cappy obsession is borderline psychotic. But, in the end, they start acting like any close clique does in similar close-quarter situations: they imagine themselves as the heroes and raise everything to an extreme level of earth-shaking importance.

    I’m still rooting for Maggie. At least her Cappy fixation can be explained since he was her partner. And she never went off on anyone like Janelle or Howie did.

    I think that’s what gets me the most — there are people all of us hate. Loathe. Can’t stand. Can’t deal with. But we don’t do the classless thing of calling them names and belittling them and trying to “break them” to their face. We blow off our steam with our friends behind closed doors, seek support from them, and move on with our lives. Obviously, everything is magnified in a house this enclosed, but I think something similar is happening here. The difference is, Janellle and Howie have both acted like immature brats to those they can’t deal with. Some will praise their honesty. I think it’s a sign of a societal breakdown — not something to aspire to. Show some class and I’ll start rooting for you.

  6. Personally, I hate the Friendship. I think they are very fake and very unlikeable. I would probably not want to be friends with any of them in real life. While the Sovreign Six have their issues to, I found them to be very likeable and REAL. While there is always dirty playing going on in these games, I found that the Friendship have played things more dirty than any other alliance. And then they go on like they did nothing wrong. For example the one time Rachel got nominated and acted all nice and sweet. Ivette immediately went on and on about how she was a sore loser and she had a horrible reaction. I have no clue where they got that one from. And the reactions that the friendship has had when they lost the America’s Choice votes is just pathetic if you ask me.

  7. Oh, and I like JAnelle because she has a fun personality. Would I ever be friends with her in real life, probably not. At this point, I want her to win so the Friendship won’t. And I also found it funny that Ivette’s girlfriend said she liked Janelle…

  8. Augie, I can’t stand the friendship myself. My girlfriend and I were discussing this last night. She can’t stand them either. They represent the the holier than thou people that I deal with at work everyday. I think that the other group represents underdogs and most of us can indentify with them. Just my two cents.

  9. After tonight’s episode, I have some comments about The Friendship that will likely please a lot of people in this thread.

    Still, I can’t agree that Howie and Janelle were ever underdogs until the last couple of weeks. Kaysar and his cronies and The Friendship went back and forth for the first half of the game. The Friendship was nearly done on a couple of occasions, but neatly played their way back in the game — mostly in the guise of the two-headed snake that is James.

    The Friendship is Holier Than Thou, but Janelle and Howie (and, at times but to a MUCH lesser extent, Rachel) are the class bullies. I hate them even more.

    Anyway, more on this tomorrow, I promise. Save tonight’s indignation for that thread, coming Wednesday afternoon..

  10. uh … not only does america hate “the friendship”, canada does too!!

  11. Maggie & the friendship don’t look that bad IF you only watch what is shown on TV. However, if you watch the live feeds (or read the transcripts written by those that do watch the feeds) you too will grow to loathe them. They are nothing like they (often) appear to be on TV. Don’t know why more of their appalling behavior and words haven’t been shown. Nothing Janey or her crew have done can even begin to compare.

  12. The live feeds tell a whole different story. The friendship consists of NOBODY I would EVER want to be friends with. They are truly horrible people although April implied last night that she has acted in ways that she never would have acted outside of the house. I am very glad to hear that but loud-mouthed Ivette idiotically said she is the same both inside and outside of the house. She must have the blackest soul of just about anybody walking this earth. She doesn’t have friends in that house . . . they are all her pawns to help her get closer to that money. Ivette is both jealous and greedy — not a good person.

    You are rooting for Maggie — good for you. At least she isn’t as horrible as Ivette. She is calm and collected but she wastes no time bashing others once they have started. She is laying low and wanting either April or Ivette to be the one to offend the others (both in the house and their friends in the jury). She may be playing that part smart but she still does nothing for me.

    As for Janelle, I like her because she is playing the most honest game. Sure she played April last night and wanted to see the Friendship turn on each other, but she had to do it. She and April were friends at the beginning of the show so I believe her parting message was partial truth (that compared to Ivette’s empty, belittling apologies). Another thing, when Janey wants to say something she will say it to their faces. She is very honest about her feelings and doesn’t talk about people in truly horrible fashion behind their backs. I would much rather have someone tell me to “f–k off” to my face then go behind my back and make fun of my clothes, job, family and friends. I cannot stand dishonest, two-faced people. Three of the final four houseguests are two-faced — one is not. Three are insanely jealous — on is not. One has actually cared about their fellow houseguests — three have not. It is so easy to see why Janey has been America’s pick for quite some time. Also, she wouldn’t be splitting any votes amoung alliance members (but the numbers of CBS’s popularity poll point out that even if there was no vote-splitting amoung the other three, Janelle would win hands down anyway.)

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