Apple and its geniuses

Apple will soon be opening a new Apple Store at the Garden State Plaza, about ten minutes from where I live. I won’t have to hike south to Short Hills Mall or north to Palisades Center once this opens. This makes me happy. It means I’ll have a Best Buy and an Apple Store sharing the same parking lot. Pure heaven.

I used the Apple Genius Bar recently when my monitor gave me troubles. I went straight after work and only had to wait about ten minutes for someone to take care of me. It was a mechanical problem (faulty power supply) that needed fixing, so the unit had to be repaired off-site, but it didn’t cost me a thing and I got a phone call as soon as it was ready a week later.

Prior to that, I used it one other time for a fidgety iPod. That was corrected right away, although the wait on a Sunday morning was a little longer. Still, it didn’t cost me anything and the problem was solved with a smile.

Both times, the geniuses were polite, spoke fluent English, and were friendly despite being horribly busy. While some people will complain about the Genius Bar, I’m not going to be one of them.

4 thoughts on “Apple and its geniuses

  1. Windows may have the market monopoly, but there’s really no good reason NOT to use Apple products. The OS is superior to windows, there’s less problems and Apple knows how to take care of customers, since they design all the products, software and other stuff.

  2. It boggles the mind, Arune, doesn’t it? The free market capitalist in me is a little concerned over Apple’s closed nature and hyper-protection of all its properties. I mean, I’m an ex-Linux guy. Some of the parts of Apple thrill me — it’s UNIX base, for example, and its relative openness to things like Dashboard Widgets. (There’s even a Widget-Making GUI on the way from Apple to simplify the creation process.) Other parts of it make me twitch.

    But, you know what? At the end of the day, it all works for me. Easily. Simply. Beautifully. There’s support for everything. There’s a rabid community that is willing to help, just like Linux. I like it.

  3. I have been a PC guy my whole life but I have been wanting to explore Apple a little bit more. My dad used to be in graphic design, so I did have experience with Apple when I was growing up. I really like the idea of the Mac Mini as a good starter machine for me. Now I just need to bite the bullet!

  4. Augie De Blizzle my Nizzle, I gotta say I wish that Mac was a bit more open to outside participation, but the products speak for themselves. My iBook is easily the best computer I’ve ever had, and I’ve had IBMs, Dells, Sonys, etc. No comparison. I’m still learning some commands, but I really love being a Mac user. Things make sense. It’s all easy to understand. Less viruses and spyware crap (do I need protection for the latter?).

    My only complaint is regarding the one button mouse, but even then, I just bought a Mighty Mouse to attach to the iBook. Perfect.

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