Where did this story go wrong?

FOXNews.com – Foxlife – Former Joel, Simon Tour Manager Murdered

The former tour manager for superstars Paul Simon and Billy Joel was stabbed to death yesterday by his prostitute girlfriend on his 57th birthday, cops said.

I can see Chuck Woolery interviewing this guy at the top of a LINGO episode:

“So, Danny, tell us a little more about yourself.”

“My name is Danny Harrison. I’m 57. I live in New York City with my live in prostitute girlfriend. She’s good with knives.”

I mean, really: The second you tell your friends that your live-in girlfriend is a prostitute (20 years your junior) is the moment your friends need to stage an intervention.

3 thoughts on “Where did this story go wrong?

  1. His “girlfriend” was probably a drug addict.

    Women these days. Just as violent and psychopathic as men!

  2. This is the worst event that has happened to a good friend in my whole life! I was started in the event production buisiness by Danny in 1994. He was a mentor and a friend. I have spent many nights at Dannys apartment. He was a player in the buisiness and everyone knew him. He taught me much of what I know in my career. He was loyal. He once paid me in cash during an event that went bankrupt, to make sure I understood our relationship was more important than the beast we worked for.

    I have partied with Danny on many levels, and the fact of hard-core celebration on his birthday doesnt suprise me, it energises his life thru me.

    and as for his lady friend, I am channeling all the energy I have in this world to bring her down. May she rott in hell.

    Rest in peace, Danny, I love you and miss you!

    Jeremy Kowalis Operations Manager Jazz Aspen Snowmass

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