Apprentice Details Fill In

THE APPRENTICE’s Rebecca adds details to the curious last-minute disappearing act from Joe Piscopo during the final episode:

My immediate reaction was, “If Joe Piscopo is dropping out at the last minute, let’s have a talk with his union and we’ll make it all work out,” but I was told, “No, you can’t make a call to the union [and] you can’t talk to Joe anymore.” I don’t know if they showed this, but Joe Piscopo came to the event at the end; maybe — and this is my own personal inference — that is a sign that some external factor, whether it was a union, NBC, [Apprentice executive producer] Mark Burnett or whatever, forced him to not present, but somewhere inside of himself he couldn’t handle the idea of not supporting a good cause. He did the right thing by showing up, and I commend him for doing that.

And is it wrong of me to chuckle and shudder everytime Larry King uses the word “blogger?”

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2 thoughts on “Apprentice Details Fill In

  1. So is she really saying she thinks NBC (or whomever) tried to screw up her task just to make it interesting?

    Can’t recall anyone ever coming right out and saying such a thing, at least regarding Apprentice.

  2. She’s certainly implying it. She wouldn’t be alone, and she wouldn’t be the first. She’d be the first contestant to come so close to saying it right in NBC’s face, though. Viewers have noticed the oh-so-convenient twist happening in the final task since the first season. I think the article even makes mention of Jessica Simpson’s disappearance. . . However, the weather’s been to blame at least twice for such twists, so it can’t be all on the production’s doorstep. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, to find out that the producers have a “Plan B” to throw such twists into the finale to see how the contestants react — and to make for better TV and a plausible cliffhanger.

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