Liszt on DVD?

When it comes to classical music, I have a real weakness for Franz Liszt, who I once read referred to as the Elvis Presley of classical music. So much of his music was used in the classic animated shorts of Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera that it’s still well known to this day. Tops on that list is his Hungarian Rhapsodies. I’m partial to “Totentanz,” which has a hard-driving piano solo that has to be heard to be believed.

But what I’d really like to see is a pianist performing Liszt’s work. A look at Amazon doesn’t turn up much, although this DVD looks promising. So I throw it out to all of you. Perhaps there’s at least one classical fan out there who knows of a DVD somewhere that might have what I’m looking for. Anyone? Please?

One thought on “Liszt on DVD?

  1. I’m a moderately-serious classical music fan, though I don’t have any live-performance DVDs. That one you link to sounds good. I also had a look around and found this DVD of a performance by Boris Berezovsky of Lizst’s “Trancendental Etudes” — which are some of the most technically difficult piano solo works around, period. Also see the listing here.

    The DVD doesn’t seem to be generally available in the US, unfortunately. However, you could have a go at this one on eBay. Amazon does list an audio CD of the Etudes by Berezovsky if you want a sample of what the performance sound on the DVD might be like (though different recording, no clue what the video would be like, etc etc).

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