Thursday Link Dump – Geek Edition

  • Tetris Plushies. (Via)

  • This one’s for Tom: Lisp Is Sin. I did program in Lisp one semester in college for an AI course I was taking. It was an interesting language, but didn’t feel natural to me. I guess I just needed more time and encouragement to wrap my brain around it. (Maybe I could start with an on-line tutorial of some sort.)

  • What is Perl 6? It’s scary, if you ask me. All the Perl books will need to be rewritten when the language is. All the neat little quirks will be gone, replaced with a brand new set that I’ll have to reteach myself after spending nearly a decade trying to figure out this set. I know it’s a necessary step in the language’s evolution, and I know all the Perl 5.x code will still run just fine on its own, but — man, I’m scared. On the other hand, some of the new commands I’ve read about are going to be tremendously useful and handy. I’m torn. (Via)

  • 21 different ways to compute a factorial (n!) (Via)

  • KDE 4 screen shots.

  • Solve Soduku puzzles with Python. (Learn Python.)

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