AI5 – San Francisco

Having watched the second half of Greensboro last night, followed closely by the new hour of San Francisco, I’m a bit jumbled up. I couldn’t tell you who came from which city anymore.

So I’ll let you all lead the discussion. Who’s the memorable one from last night?

Or shall we just talk about Simon’s crankiness?


4 Responses to “AI5 – San Francisco”

  1. bluuzman
    26. January 2006 at 15:16

    I don’t know who was the best, but I don’t think the 21-year-old girl whose mom was her vocal coach was as good as the three judges thought she was. As for Simon, based on the snippets they showed of the last few singers, he seemed to be making some really bad calls toward the end. Several people I spoke with today said the Simon episode was staged.

  2. Jeff
    26. January 2006 at 15:46

    I agree about the 21-year old. Her singing voice didn’t sound natural as it sounded more like really good coached vocals. In any case, you gotta tip your hat to her mom for making her impress the judges so much.

    As for Simon’s tantrum fits, it seemed to me like he was deliberately saying the people who had the talent, sucked. While the ones who were mediocre, he gave them a thumbs-up. In the end, his tantrum probably hurt the contestants more as he might have brushed off someone who had talent. Then again, I could be wrong as we only saw a couple of clips.

  3. teddy
    26. January 2006 at 18:19

    yup the 21 year old was clearly the best from last night

  4. bluuzman
    28. January 2006 at 11:54


    I agree with you about Simon, but in the cases I saw where Simon said people sucked, Randy and Paula had already voted them through. Then again, I’m referring to those cases where they showed the entire audition. There’s no telling what happened in those last few auditions where they only showed snippets.