Monday Link Dump

  • Sonic meets SSX.

  • Cubicles rethought.

  • Apple’s new patent could lead to a cool tablet game design. Check out the images.

  • With Oscar nominations due out tomorrow, the Razzies announced their nominees today. Such favorites as Will Ferrell and Rob Schneider are up for worst acting awards. Jenny McCarthy and Jessica Simpson are included in the worst actress category. It is “Son of the Mask” which garnered the most nominations, including prized “Wost Movie of the Year.”

  • Web game of the day: RSVP. Kinda like dominoes. Arrange a circle of cards so that their colors match. The idea is that each card represents a party guest and each guest wants to sit next to someone of a matching color. Simple to learn, tricky to get going. The wild cards are your friends.


One Response to “Monday Link Dump”

  1. GeorgeC
    30. January 2006 at 15:28

    If the Sonic snowboarding game gets decent reviews, I’ll get it!

    I’ve been wanting to get a good character-themed snowboarding game for a LONG time…