New releases, 31 January 2006

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Here are my highlights:

Dark Shadows Collection 22

Keeps going and going and going. . .

Let’s take a break now to look at this week’s contenders for Unnecessary Special Edition of the week:

Dune: Extended Edition (1984) Four Weddings and a Funeral: Deluxe Edition (1994) Gone With the Wind: Special Edition (2-disc set) (1939) My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Special Edition (2002) I think the GREEK movie wins it this week. GONE is, as I understand it, the movie-only part of the four disc set that came out not all that long ago. DUNE contains two different cuts of the movie. I’m not sure what’s so special about FOUR WEDDINGS, but it was a dreadful movie, so I don’t care enough to hate it.

Inspector Closeau (1968)

This one features Alan Arkin as the Inspector.

The Legend of Zorro (2005)

I know the critics killed it and nobody spent their money on tickets for it, but I still want to see it. The first movie was great. While this one can’t possibly live up to the first, it can’t ruin the first for me, either.

MI-5, Volume 3MI-5: Vol. 3 (5-disc set)

I pre-ordered this one through Amazon a long time ago. It’s my pick of the week. If you’ve seen the series on cable here in the States, then you really haven’t seen it. Each episode is a full 60 minutes. They hack and slash at the episodes to fit commercials in, so you’re really not getting the full stories. Stick with the DVDs – it’s a great British spy series that looks like a one hour movie every time out. And the second season ended on such a massive cliffhanger that I can’t wait to see how they come back from it.

A Shot in the Dark (1964)

A Pink Panther movie by any other name, smells just as sweet.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (widescreen) (2005)

I think I need to see this one.

The X-Files Season One (re-package) The X-Files Season Two (re-package) The X-Files Season Three (re-package)

Instead of the fold-out Digipack cases (or whatever the proper name for them is), they’re putting the discs in individual slim cases, like you get with FAMILY GUY and many other DVD box sets today. I know they’re easier to get in and out that way, but I have a soft spot for the big bulky fold out cases, too. They just feel more substantial.

(Update: The new sets are not identical to the old sets. Seven discs have been compressed down to six.)

There are a ton of titles coming out next week, including BAMBI 2 (ugh), GROWING PAINS Season One, that WALLACE & GROMIT movie from last summer, and a bunch of unnecessary special editions.

More in the podcast tonight!


10 Responses to “New releases, 31 January 2006”

  1. Overworm
    31. January 2006 at 12:39

    Re: MI-5

    I rented the first disc of the first season many many months ago. It was so average I almost hated it. It tried to be cutting edge and cool by using “unique” filming angles and quirky characters, but it just seemed derivative and boring to me. I think I made it through two episodes (maybe 1 and 1/2) before I bailed on it.

    I’m still trying to understand why others seem to LOVE this series.

  2. Nick
    31. January 2006 at 14:14


    I had been planning on Netflixing MI-5 soon, hoping my love of MI-6 from Queen & Country will spread to Five.

    Now I’m worried…

    I’ll still rent it… but no way am I plunking down like $80 to BUY a BBC season set (what, like 6 or 8 hours?)… that HURTS.

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    31. January 2006 at 14:34

    Overworm –> It’s a great series. It really does look like a movie made for TV with each episode. It’s a smart show, using plenty of real world touchstones to step off of. Sure, there’s a semi-clunker moment here and there, but it’s otherwise a smart and entertaining show that isn’t afraid to do “crazy” things.

    Don’t tell me you never got to the French Fries moment?!?

    Nick –> Don’t listen to him. He’s a grouch. ;-)

    I came to MI-5 as a child of Q&C, too, and thought it was an easy transition. Plus as a ’24′ fan, you’ll recognize some similar directing styles and choices — split screens, for example.

    Besides, the Amazon sales price is only $55. =)

  4. Nick
    31. January 2006 at 14:51

    I’m definitely going to try it… I think the first disk of Vol 1 is at #3 in my Queue.

    I almost bought it a couple of months back… Circuit City was having some nutty sale, and had Season 1 for like $25. I bought Boomtown for $15 instead… debatable choice, I know.

    Still, series like this are the very reason I subscribe to Netflix. That’s a lot of money to plunk down on an untried series, even just for Vol I.


  5. Overworm
    31. January 2006 at 15:14

    I think I missed the french fries moment. Bummer, too, cause french fries are one of my top 3 foods. Aren’t fries on the new nutrition pyramid?

  6. EzekielRawlins
    31. January 2006 at 16:08

    There’s no mistaking the french fries moment, especially the end where the order becomes extra crispy.

  7. Scott Beeler
    31. January 2006 at 23:23

    I liked “MI-5″ initially, but after a while I thought it went downhill. The awful manipulative cliffhanger/resolution of Season 1 turned me off for good.

  8. Joseph J. Finn
    31. January 2006 at 23:30

    On the plus side for the new X-Files releases, they’re finally a decent price.

  9. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    1. February 2006 at 08:26

    Overworm — I have Belgian blood in me. I could live solely on French Fries if I had to.

    Scott — the funny thing is, I didn’t realize the end of Season 1 was a cliffhanger. I just assumed that a bad thing happened and we’d pick up in the aftermath in season two. I thought it was a fairly dramatic ending to NOT show the Big Thing Happening.

    Then, season two started off with The Big Thing as Misdirection, which I thought was cool, but it took me a minute to realize that the cliffhanger WAS a cliffhanger. And, in the end, it was all for naught, as the character would — well, I think I’ve nearly spoiled enough now. I’ll shut up.

    Joseph – Yes, that’s the BIG change. It’s something like a half or third of the original price. Those boxed sets climbed up to something like $120 by the end, although the first couple were closer to $80 or $90. Granted, they’ve been trying to blow through stock on those original sets in stores by lowering the prices on them dramatically, but this re-release might be a better go at it.

    X-FILES led the way for season boxed sets on DVD. We should always be thankful for it.

  10. Josh Herndon
    2. February 2006 at 11:00

    Yeah, the worst part of the re-release of the X-Files is that I have already purchased seasons 1-8. Sigh….