Nintendo Revolution development

Revolution Report – news – Nintendo Revolution SDK Near Finalized, Costs $2000

Developers preparing playable Revolution software for E3 2006 will soon be receiving the fourth SDK which should provide 90-95% of the final system’s achievable performance. According to IGN’s development sources, final developments kits are expected to be made widely available around June of this year. A number of software houses admitted that studios familiar with GameCube achitecture would find little difficulty in getting their Revolution projects up and running with due speed. In regards to Revolution’s horsepower, many developers were finding it to be quite sufficient, also saying that the uniqueness of the controller made up for any lower amount of raw power. On a final note, most studios working on Revolution titles think the console could retail under $200 US, possibly as low as $150.

In other words, Nintendo is moving down the train tracks with a full head of steam. Sony is still trying to figure out if it has a track to put the PS3 on. . .

Also, the development kit costs the developers about one tenth the price of the PS2 dev kits.


5 Responses to “Nintendo Revolution development”

  1. Josh Herndon
    24. February 2006 at 10:07

    The Revolution is a system I am definitely looking forward to. I have been a big Nintendo junkie since I was a kid, and have bought every system since the NES. I really like all the news I am hearing about pricing too.

  2. Nick
    24. February 2006 at 10:33

    I think Sony has made a big misstep already. I don’t think raw power is what gamers are looking for anymore… we’re looking for that new gaming experience. Better graphics aren’t going to deliver that. I don’t see Nintendo grabbing up Sony’s losses, because Nintendo doesn’t offer enough of a constant stream of (at least decent, if not great) games, like Sony or Microsoft does. If Sony loses market share this time around, I see Xbox getting it. They were smart to beat Sony out of the gates this time around.

  3. Arune Singh
    24. February 2006 at 11:34

    Dude, it says “$2000″….

  4. Josh Herndon
    24. February 2006 at 13:03

    $2000 is a great price for a developer’s kit.

  5. Jeff
    24. February 2006 at 15:14

    Looks like “all systems go” for Nintendo while Sony seems to be lagging with the PS3. Lately all I hear is good news out of Nintendo. I also like Nintendo’s strategy of not trying to go head up with the technology that MS and Sony are putting out. Nintendo will be satisfied with just making a profit and not necessarily selling millions of systems. Everyone knows Sony and MS lose money everytime they sell a PS3/360. So who’d really be the winner?