Dancing with the Stars Finale

They almost blew it. The show almost wrecked any ounce of credibility it might have had. I really did think for a few moments there that Jerry Rice might win the whole thing. And I was thinking that before Stacy was kicked off in third. He had been saved from the brink before, based solely on fan votes. Stacy and Drew were clearly at the head of the class all season long, and it was only fitting that it came down to the two of them in the end. Well, it almost did. . . Stacy’s partner pretty much destroyed that chance with their freestyle dance last Thursday.

I’m still trying to figure out why Samantha Harris’ dance on Thursday went completely unnoticed and quickly forgotten. When Tom Bergeron did his in the previous week, she was there to congratulate him. They had a nice standing ovation for him. For his co-host, though, they couldn’t cut to commercial quickly enough and no more mention was ever made of it. Odd.

I hope that they bring Kenny Mayne back as a color commentator for next season. His comments, cut short though they might have been, were the funniest thing the show has ever seen. And if you need to stretch the elimination show out to an hour or two, you might as well add something new with him. I think I fast forwarded through half the show on Sunday night, just because it was clips package after clips package. Nothing could happen on the show without a three minute prepackaged video montage of the “journey.” They kept repeating the same clips. It was ridiculous!

But the show was still fun, over all, and I’m likely going to watch it when it returns, which I bet will be in the summer.


2 Responses to “Dancing with the Stars Finale”

  1. Jerrod Singleton
    6. March 2006 at 13:34

    I agree – Samantha’s dance was actaully so awesome. She’s as beautiful a dancer as she is a host. I would have liked to see the judges and Tom congratulate her on her performance. Actaully- I’d like to see more of Samantha and her solid questions too.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    6. March 2006 at 21:58

    Jerrod – Rumor mill has it that Samantha is gone next season. Lisa Renna will replace her as co-host, while Samantha moves to Good Morning America. I don’t think that’s been confirmed as of yet, though.