Wednesday Link Dump

  • The American Idol writeup will be up later this morning. . .

  • The difference between HD-DVD and regular DVD using LORD OF THE RINGS. If this is legit and not some misuse of data-colection methodology, then it’s amazing. Mouse over the image to see the HD-DVD version of it.

  • Life without Jeeves. It’s the end of an internet era. (How long is an “internet era,” anyone? About five minutes?)

  • Where do collections go when you die? It’s a particularly thorny problem for people who collect old crap nobody cares about anymore. Pencils?!?

  • Some very very old UNIX humor.

  • The Digital Bits is reporting that there’s a 2-disc RONIN: COLLECTOR’S EDITION coming in May. It’s one of my favorite 90s movies, that’s too easily overlooked. Great looking film, great car chases, nice plot.


2 Responses to “Wednesday Link Dump”

  1. Trip Bakun
    1. March 2006 at 12:15

    Was RONIN the DeNiro film that had a spectacular car chase through the streets of Paris/Rome? If so, then that was a good movie!

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    2. March 2006 at 09:19

    That is the one, Trip.

    Someday, I should do a rundown of my favorite 90s movies that don’t necessarily get remembered as well as they should. RONIN would be near if not AT the top of that list.