Game Show Marathon

This is just crazy enough to not stand a chance in heck of working, but I’ll watch it anyway:

Ricki Lake has signed on to host CBS’s upcoming retro quizfest “Game Show Marathon”– and she’s getting more than a lifetime supply of Rice-a-Roni for her efforts. Former gabber has been named a producer on the skein, in which celebs square off against each other in faithful re-creations of classic quizzers. […] # Series will kick off with celebs playing “The Price Is Right.” Other quizzers selected for the first season are “Let’s Make a Deal,” “Match Game,” “Card Sharks,” “Press Your Luck,” “Beat the Clock” and “Family Feud.” # The core celeb contestants for “GSM” have been chosen. They include comic thesp Leslie Nielsen, former “Saturday Night Live” star Tim Meadows, ‘N Sync’s Lance Bass, Kathy Najimy; ex-“Trading Spaces” host Paige Davis and “America’s Next Top Model”/”My Fair Brady” co-star Adrienne Curry.

And Betty White is going to show up, too!

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2 thoughts on “Game Show Marathon

  1. This is another idea from old blighty, created by your “favourite” World Idol Hosts Ant and Dec. Obviously the games were slightly different as they were old ITV ones not US ones, I think we had “The Price is right” ” Bullseye (darts based)” “The golden shot (archery based)” “sale of the century (very crappy quiz show” “Play your cards right ( Hi-Lo card game” and it finshed with the 2 finalists playing “Family Fortunes (fued) with their actual families.

    It was a good laugh, I think it was a one-off to celebrate the channels aniversary or something.

  2. The catch is that there’s exactly one “celebrity” in the batch that I’ve any interest in seeing (Leslie Nielsen, of course). I don’t mind c- and d- list celebs, but can’t they at least find ones who’d make me think they might be interesting to watch in this? Is Bruce Campbell too busy? George Takei?

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