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Every now and then, I seek inspiration for my own writings. I’m doing at least 3000 words a week on this blog in American Idol writeups alone, on top of 2000 – 3000 words with Pipeline every week. Sometimes, it’s good to know you’re not alone. Sometimes, you just get curious to read about how other people write, or catch some good tips, or just discuss writing.

So I ventured onto the web and into iTunes to find a podcast about [tag]writing[/tag].

Was that ever a mistake!

They’re all tranquil NPR-sounding meditations on the various cliched bits about writing. Even worse — since these are writers doing podcasts, they like to READ their florid prose and call it a [tag]podcast[/tag]. There’s nothing more boring or pretentious than a podcaster who has to write out everything before hand, embellish it with florid prose and flairs of the dramatic, and then read it in a calmly measured voice to stress the beauty of their every word choice.


Surely, there’s someone out there reading this blog who knows of a more conversational blog about writing. Please fill me in. The comments section is open.

Update: This one looks vaguely interesting.

4 thoughts on “Writing Podcasts

  1. Hiya, Augie —

    Can’t vouch for it personally, but Mur Lafferty of “Geek Fu Action Grip” podcast fame has another podcast devoted to the craft of writing called “I Should Be Writing” — http://shouldwrite.blogspot.com — “A podcast by a wanna-be writer for wanna-be writers. Let my stack of rejection letters and battle scars benefit you.”


  2. I will second “I should be writing”. I’m not a writer, but I do enjoy her Geek Fu Action Grip podcast, and so I listen to ISBW as well. It’s very easy going and comfortable podcast if that makes any sense. She also has authors on every handful of shows to say if her advice was good or bad. It mainly focuses on speculative fiction, but there is some good stuff there.

  3. OK, that’s it! I’m downloading something from her now for my ride home tonight. I’ll report back if I have any luck with this one.

    But I’m still open for more suggestions. . .

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