Craziest Man On Earth

Cisco engineer gets prize for longest commute – Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal:

Mariposa resident Dave Givens makes a 186-mile drive — each way — five days a week to his job in San Jose. The electrical engineer has been doing that commute since 1989, spending seven hours every day getting to and from work at Cisco Systems Inc.

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    Check out the third place finisher in that contest. 328 miles round trip, over 5 hours on the road, each and every day! She says she took an out-of-town job in 2004 and planned to move, but their house hasn’t yet sold.

    What I don’t understand is why don’t they simply lower the asking price? She’s spending $130 a week on gas alone and that’s certain to be much higher during the summer when gas price soar and she has to run her air conditioner for the entire ride. She’s currently paying over $7000/month for gas and vehicle upkeep. Over two years, that’s $14000.

    I say, lower the asking price of the house $2000 a month, every month, until the house sells. Once you factor in the quality of life benefits, in addition to the gas and vehicle cost, even a total deduction of $20000 doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    This is truly a case of penny wise, pound foolish.

  2. Only 186 miles each way? That’s nothing.

    Back in the mid-90s, I lived in Antigo, Wisconsin and worked in Houston, Texas. 1451 miles each way. That’s 2902 miles round trip.

    Thankfully, I worked on tow-boats, where I worked 15 days on and 15 days off. I would drive my 1986 Nissan 300ZX from Antigo to Houston. I would park at the company parking lot. 15 days later, I would drive back to Antigo.

    When I sold my Z in 1999, it had 371K miles on it (and still running strong).

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