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  1. Tom Galloway
    28. April 2006 at 21:31

    The idea of 1 vs. 100 is the single contestant and the 100 people in the audience (at first) have to answer the same question. Anyone in the audience who misses is sent away. If the contestant misses, they leave with 0. The contestant can stop at any time and take their money.

    I foresee a burgeoning protection racket among former Jeopardy! Tournament of Champion and major quiz bowl types offering not to be in the audience for a cut of any winnings. : -)

  2. bluuzman
    29. April 2006 at 12:13

    Augie, this is not directly related to this topic, but here goes: I have seen the first 3 seasons of “The Shield,” and I now have a love-hate relationship with it. What I hate is that the show seems to skimp on believable character development for the sake of sensation. It drops characters and situations for several episodes; a character will be severely beaten at the end of one season and return in perfect condition the next; etc. On the other hand, WHO THE HELL CARES with the level of sensation it serves up!

    Anyway, I managed to get Season 3 without joining an online service, but now it will be impossible to continue without doing so. My question for you: Does Dutch grow even weirder as the series goes on? I’ve seen the cat incident, and a girlfriend he had in Season 1, I’ve now learned, left him a long time ago — yet she was never mentioned between Season 1 and the end of Season 3. All of this all leads me to think there’s more creepy weirdness in store surrounding his character. If you confirm that this is true, I will hunt down season 4 at all costs!

  3. bluuzman
    1. May 2006 at 06:44

    No response, Augie?

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    1. May 2006 at 13:52

    Tom — Someone will find a way to game the system. They always do. ;-)

    Bluuzman — Weekend stories are preloaded into the V&S system. I usually don’t check on it much over the weekend. Thus, no response over the weekend.

    Now that I’m back — Dutch is ALWAYS weird, although there hasn’t been the payoff yet on the cat killing that we’ve all been waiting for. Still, he has a couple of weird turns in the most recent season that you might like.

    Julian, however, still remains a bit of an untapped mystery. After his starring role in the first season, they haven’t done a whole lot with him. He still has stuff to do, but it’s mostly supporting. He’s a training officer by this latest season, which starts up a whole new string of storylines which, in part, relate back to Dutch.

  5. bluuzman
    1. May 2006 at 15:52

    Augie, if you take away the cat-killing stuff, I’m a lot like Dutch. Which is why I’m curious to see what they do with the weirdo angle. (When, late in Season 3, Dutch mentioned he hadn’t seen his girlfriend from Season 1 in months, I thought to myself, “Oh-oh. I wonder if it’s only cats.”)

    Anyway, now that I know the Dutch payoff hasn’t come yet, I think I’m going to take a break from “The Shield.” Hopefully one of my nearby video stores will carry Season 4 in the near future. Thanks.