5 thoughts on “Pranking Best Buy

  1. I posted about that last night – what an amazing idea. Now if only I had 80 friends I would do the same thing here.

  2. That’s lovely. I’ve started looking through some of the other “missions” on the site, and there’s some brilliant stuff in there. “Cell Phone Symphony”, with synchronised calling of 60 phones left in bags at a bookstore’s bag check station. The staged “Suicide Jumper” drama on a ledge four feet off the ground. “Best Gig Ever”, transforming an unknown band’s teeny gig into a raucously exhilarating spectacle (without letting the band in on it). Their guerilla Barnes & Noble reading by “Anton Chekov”. Fun stuff. :-)

  3. Brilliant. Reminds me of a time I mistakenly went into Target with a red shirt on. I was walking around when someone asked me where the motor oil was, so I went ahead and walked them over to the auto care section. Once I arrived there, another customer asked me where the toy section was. I admitted to her that I was new, but that I thought it was “over here” and asked her to follow me. Once we arrived, she looked at me and said, “You don’t work here, do you?” “Nope,” I answered and got on my way because it was at that moment I realized what a damned freak I was.

    It was funny at the time.

  4. I love that. I wish I had enough gumption to start a group like that around my area. That looks like a lot of fun.

  5. People come to me in various stores and ask for help because I dress nicer than they do….

    I was asked about stuff in JC Penney’s….. why? Because I dressed kinda nice. I love it.

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