Meat Loaf talks AI

Meat Loaf participates in his fan forum over in the UK. He wrote recently about his experience on American Idol, particularly in response to those that said he sounded awful. Interesting stuff here:

My thoughts Thought: the 1st verse was shaky : why ? I changed from singing it big , to using a soft voice and My vocals in the ear monitors were not on until ” I finished cryin”, and if your going to sing it in hushed voice you have to hear. I wasn’t sick and my voice was great after the first verse listen to the Baby baby’s everything was on on pitch, tone, and support were all there, and anyone who says different is an idiot except for the first verse where wind and body were alittle flat and I rushed the beat a hair. Also they had me a little low in the mix( I wasn’t holding back) and on the last big note look how far I have the mike away as to not over power her. Thank you for all your postive remarks next time it will be perfect. meat

I need to go watch the video again. . .


One Response to “Meat Loaf talks AI”

  1. Troy
    30. May 2006 at 10:17

    The Loaf sounds a wee bit defensive.