Random Thought #8 (of a long-delayed series)

[tag]Myspace[/tag] is to blogging what the BLINK tag was the good web design.


3 Responses to “Random Thought #8 (of a long-delayed series)”

  1. Matthew M
    29. May 2006 at 09:10

    Good Lord, that could be the geekiest thing I ever read. =)

    True, though…

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    29. May 2006 at 10:17

    Thanks. I do so try every now and then. Besides, it’s a holiday; I’m taking it easy in the postings today. =)

  3. Jeff
    31. May 2006 at 20:47

    Something I’ve always said since I joined MySpace…

    It has turned everyone into really really bad web designers. I mean. REAL BAD, well of course unless you know what you’re doing. I can go on all day about this but I’ll save all of you the trouble.