New Releases, 30 May 2006

Holiday week or no, the new [tag]DVD[/tag]s arrive on Tuesday. Hey, that’s today!

Some brief highlights, with a full podcast coming tonight:

[tag]ALF[/tag], Season 3 ALF: The Animated Series: 20,000 Years In Driving School AlfTales: Alf & The Beanstalk

It’s All-Alf, All The Time this week! Ha!

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 1: Water, Volume 3

I know it’s a great series, but I need to watch SAMURAI JACK first.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets all seven seasons re-released in the new slimcase packaging this week.

Joey: The Complete 1st Season

I admit to being one of the five people in America who enjoyed this season.

The Kids in the Hall: Season 4

I know some of you enjoy this kind of thing. . .

Night Stalker: The Complete Series

It didn’t last long last season, so now it gets burnt to the world of profitability.

Numb3rs (Numbers): Season 1

Math nerds rejoice! There’s some good stuff in there.

[tag]The Tomorrow People[/tag]: Set 3

I need to rent one of these discs sometime. I have fond memories of the series from its Nickelodeon reruns in the early 80s. I’m sure it’s awful, but I’d like to see what it was really like.

And from the movies department:

Date Movie (unrated) (2006) Date Movie (R-rated) (2006)

I’d go unrated, if I actually picked it up.

Platoon: 20th Anniversary Edition (1986) Smokey and the Bandit: Collector’s Edition (1977) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?: Special Edition (2-disc set) (1962)

More Unnecessary Special Editions. Next week’s release list is HUGE, and most of the highlights are repackaged movies already available on DVD. I’m beginning to think that it’s only the saps who buy major (and most not-so-major) movies on their first release. Wait for the sequel, pick up the better edition.

Next week: Lots of Unnecesary Special Editions, and more seasons of X-FILES in new packaging. That’s about it.


10 Responses to “New Releases, 30 May 2006”

  1. Joseph J. Finn
    30. May 2006 at 15:15

    Hmmm…has anyone seen the slimcase editions of Buffy on any of the online stores?

  2. GeorgeC
    30. May 2006 at 15:41

    I’ve seen the new slimcases at Wal-Mart as of early this morning.

    It’s not just a repack of the Buffy TV series. The prices have also been cut on the re-releases.

    Now if only Paramount would lower the prices on Star Trek TV sets.

    I see that most of the 2-disc sets of the movies have been slashed to $9.99 at Best Buy making me think that re-issues of the movies in high-def are in the offing (as well as possibly signalling that Best Buy CAN’T sell the films at regular price — Trek is pretty much dead with the mainstream).

  3. Joseph J. Finn
    30. May 2006 at 15:41

    George, did you happen to see what the slimcase Buffy prices were? and thank you!

  4. Scott Beeler
    31. May 2006 at 00:44

    “Numb3rs (Numbers): Season 1 Math nerds rejoice! There‚Äôs some good stuff in there.”

    Really? This math nerd thought the episode-and-a-half I watched seemed fairly bland, and the math involved seemed basically deus-ex-machina stuff where they magically find some pattern connecting everything together.

  5. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    31. May 2006 at 09:40

    Scott — I just thought it was cool to see math concepts presented to the general population in easy-to-digest ways. Yes, after a full season of it, even I started to think the answers were a little too pat and a little too hand-wavey.

    And judging by the commercials (I didn’t watch the second season), it looks like the producers realized this and started making it more character-oriented instead of math-based.

    Everyone else — just remember what they’re doing with the X-FILES releases. They cut out the bonus disc of material at the end and crammed the episode from that disc onto an earlier disc. I don’t know if that was ever an issue with BUFFY, but it might be something to look out for.

  6. Joseph J. Finn
    31. May 2006 at 10:41

    Fine by me – if it means I can replace all the Buffy sets that my ex-wife kept in the divorce, one less disc is nothing to cry over.

  7. Nick
    31. May 2006 at 12:27

    She kept your Buffy DVDs?

    Dude, that’s COLD.

  8. GeorgeC
    31. May 2006 at 18:18

    To all:

    The Buffy TV sets retail for $39.98 MSRP.

    Expect anywhere from $10-$15 off that at discount retailers.

    I’m not personally buying any of them since I WASN’T a fan of the show, but now’s a good time to get the series cheap!

    I guess most of the hardcore fans bought the previous more expensive print-runs? My guess is that WB’s repricing the series lower to get more casual fans buy the series and to make as much money as possible before rolling things out again in High-Def.

    Of course, with the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD format war, it’ll probably be at least 2-3 years before either format is declared the winner and at least another two years AFTER that before High-Def hits critical mass. The pricepoint of HDTV and its associated cable components is what’s keeping most people from adopting HDTV. That’s in addition to the fact that the vast majority of videophiles are happy with DVD as it stands now…

  9. Jeff
    31. May 2006 at 20:43

    Date Movie is already on DVD? Talk about quick. Wasn’t it just in theaters? Or am I getting it mixed up with Scary Movie 4…They ARE made by the same people after all.

  10. GeorgeC
    1. June 2006 at 00:56


    It’s not unusual for films to be released on DVD 3 months later. The average is closer to 6 months now, but it’s shrinking all the time.

    In fact, more than a few have shown up on shelves ONE week after they were in theaters! Usually, it’s a very limited release or independent title that does that.

    The biggest film that ever had such a limited release was a Christmas movie starring Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini. The company that made the movie knew it wasn’t going to be a big hit — this was well after the the back-to-back failures of Gigli and Daredevil — but probably had a contractual obligation to put it into theaters before the home video release.