Wednesday Link Dump

  • Microsoft’s [tag]Vista[/tag] will blur your high def DVD movies, unless you buy a new monitor they like. Blame the usual [tag]DRM[/tag] jerks.

  • How to make a [tag]paper airplane[/tag]. 5 minute Google video. I haven’t tried this design yet, myself.

  • Perhaps you’d prefer this design? (Both airplane links via Reddit.)

  • [tag]Griffin[/tag] has updated their website, but still haven’t released the [tag]FireWave[/tag]. Oddly enough, there’s a support link and troubleshooting FAQ up there — for a product that hasn’t been released yet! Weird.

Elgato [tag]Eyetv[/tag] 250 Digital TV Recorder for Mac 10020251 * It figures. The newer version of the TV tuner I use with my [tag]Mac[/tag] has a special switch for “low latency,” so you can plug your console video game system into it and not worry about delayed reactions between your key presses and the action on screen. ARGH!


4 Responses to “Wednesday Link Dump”

  1. Arune Singh
    31. May 2006 at 18:46

    This should work with my iBook, right? I’d love to watch tv on my lil LCD screen. And every time you link to another Windows story, I’m glad I joined the Mac Revolution.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    1. June 2006 at 08:35

    Yes, Arune, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. I just upgraded to the latest version of the software a few months back, and it’s awesome. I could see putting a Mac Mini attached to one of these things next to my TV in the future, and using it as a DVR. It’s just that easy and powerful.

    I just wish they had this low latency switch on the hardware when I bought it last year. I tried hooking the GameCube up to it once. It was painful. Unplayable.

  3. EzekielRawlins
    1. June 2006 at 16:37

    Hey, got a quick question for the Mac users… I’m thinking about making the ‘switch.’ Been thinking about it for awhile, any suggestions for first timers. Ideally, I’d like to get somwthing long term, meaning I don’t want to upgrade into a new system in six months or so. I’m really into listening music on the internet.

    Augie, oh yeah, the tablet works great, yeah, it was strange at first, but I haven’t totally given up the mouse…yet.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    2. June 2006 at 13:28

    Hi Ezekiel — First of all, I’m glad to hear the tablet is working for you. I still keep a mouse around on my home computer, in case someone else has to use it. It always amuses me to see family trying to figure the tablet out and not being able to figure out how to hold a pen device in their hand. It looks like a pen — HOLD IT LIKE ONE!


    As for the Mac — are you looking for a laptop or a desktop? The PowerMacs haven’t been released yet with the Intel chip. If you’re looking for a Long Term solution with the Mac, you might want to wait for that. It’s expected in the fall, I think. Otherwise, the Mac Mini is your only option.

    Laptop-wise, the MacBook that just came out will probably suit your needs. It’s about $1100 and has everything you’ll need for a while.