This link is not good for long

Digg is down while they push over the new version 3.0 of the software. Not only do they have a list of suggested sites to waste your time on while this is happening, but they have the headline:

Get Ready for Awesomeness [tag]Digg[/tag] v3 is Coming…

And an embedded MP3 file of what I imagine is a MIDI recording of Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” Pretty cool.

See it now. It won’t last for long.

(And then visit the Digg Blog, to laugh at all the posts that have time stamps, but no DATE stamps. Whoops.)


One Response to “This link is not good for long”

  1. Phil
    26. June 2006 at 17:07

    Looks like a mirror is at

    Is it wrong for me to say I really love “The Final Countdown”?