Circuit City and DS games sale

Nintendo DS LiteThere’s been a story going around all week that Circuit City is set to have a big video game sale this weekend. Don’t know if it starts on Sunday or on July 4th or July 3rd or when — but it appears to be happening.

In any case, here’s a list of Nintendo DS games included in the sale. Each will be going for less than ten bucks. Anyone have any recommendations from that list?

Update: Oops, just read the comments on the site I linked to — looks like the sale started at the beginning of this week, and supplies are limited to non-existent. Oh, well.

10 thoughts on “Circuit City and DS games sale

  1. The DS is weird looking. So is the point of the pen to “disguise” it as a PDA, so as to avoid ridicule from other adults?

    Ahh… so many cool new games, zero time to play. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

  2. Nope, the point of the stylus is to enhance gameplay. That second touch screen can do amazing things in a game. So, the stylus is vital to the gameplay of some games.

  3. Ah. I was thinking the rationale was that it coulds kinda act like a “boss button.” Y’know — “People are staring at me. No, no — it’s not Mario, it’s, uh — my address book. Honest!”

    Then again, game playing doesn’t have the stigma it did 10 or 15 years ago. If gaming is “getting older,” I can’t help but wonder what games will be developed for the 50-60 plus crowd in a few decades…

  4. Kneon — that’s not a bad idea, though. Problem is, the jealous business people would want to see your cool-looking iPod-lookalike PDA and you’d be in trouble all over again. You could reset the unit to get out to the main menu and display the time and clock, if you were REALLY fast, but I don’t think it’s worth it. ;-)

    Like Josh said, though, the lower screen is for gameplay with the stylus. It’s pretty fun some of the things you can do. It’ll recognize handwriting for some games. You have to draw characters or paths in others. Interesting stuff.

    Some games, though, don’t use the stylus at all. Those just have classic A-B button types of controls.

  5. Advance Wars is a highly acclaimed strategy game Meteos is a highly acclaimed puzzle game, but I couldn’t fully comprehend it. Trace Memory is a good adventure game, but it’s a little dry.

  6. If I had the time, I’d pick one up.

    But what I really what is a Wii!

    “So Kneon, whatcha been up to lately?”

    “Playing with my Wii.”

    “Your what?!”

    “My Wii. Every night. Sometimes for hours.”

    Hee hee. Doubt I’d have time to actually play it, but it’s good for conversation. ;)

  7. Thanks, Oh Shy One. Advance Wars looks interesting to me. It might be up for consideration. Meteos is the most likely, though, as I enjoy the puzzle games…

    Kneon — Maybe they’ll release a version of KINGDOM HEARTS for the Wii and you can write it off as a business expense! (“No, really, I’m using my Wii to learn shading techniques!”)

  8. But Augie, if they did release a Kingdom Hearts on Wii, it would probably be like the one on Game Boy Advance, which I thought was far less exciting than the PS2 versions. Ugh!

  9. “Kneon — Maybe they’ll release a version of KINGDOM HEARTS for the Wii and you can write it off as a business expense! (?No, really, I’m using my Wii to learn shading techniques!?)”

    Heh. Yeah, I’m “Disney Kneon” (like there are that many?) Thanks for the kind words on CBR a few weeks back, Augie! I read the review and wanted to check out what all you did, so it led me here. And you write about games and other geekery, which I also dig. Man, I think you’re busier than I am!

    (Y’know, I’ve always wondered just what comics artists are allowed to write off. I mean, you buy comics for reference and research, right? It’s job related, right? Ah… who knows…)

  10. Kneon — You can’t hide from me. But, yeah, there are about as many “Kneon”s running around the internet as there are “Augie”s. We’re cursed.

    I know of comic artists who write off a lot of stuff. Of course, they also have good accountants helping them. You likely wouldn’t be able to write EVERYTHING off, but you should be able to get a good percentage of it taken care of.

    You’re welcome on the kind words, and please stick around and enjoy the craziness here at V&S. =)

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