Cheap Ford Cars Go Relatively High Tech

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Based on the LX and Zetec lines, the Focus Connection boasts extras worth over $2,500 for just $1,300, including a “KeyFree” entry system and high-tech voice control. The Fiesta Connection, meanwhile, comes complete with voice-activated Bluetooth, voice-activated audio and an MP3 socket. […] The KeyFree feature on the Focus Connection eliminates the need for fumbling for keys in handbags or pockets. As the driver approaches, the car unlocks the doors automatically. You even start the car without a key, just turn the ignition switch, nothing to insert, nothing to press– it’s as easy as that. Voice-activated controls and Bluetooth technology means the driver can manage the audio, navigation, climate control (where fitted) and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone simply through voice commands.

All they need to do is add Remote Starter to that list and it would almost be worth downgrading from my Jeep to a [tag]Ford[/tag] Fiesta or Focus for the cool “geek” quotient of the MP3 hookup, keyless entry/startup, and Bluetooth. ::sigh::

The Fiesta starts at $16,000. The Focus is at $22,000 with all this cool stuff included.

No, these [tag]cars[/tag] are not hybrids.

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