Bad week for Extreme Makeover

I can’t watch [tag]Extreme Makeover[/tag]: Home Edition anymore. I can’t deal with the So Sad stories and the heartwarming and uplifting stuff that gets piled on. I like the concept of the show but, as I’ve mentioned here before, I’m far more interested in the house construction part of the story than the heart strings-tugging portion.

But it’s been a bad week for the show.

First, news comes out that a baseball field and rec center they helped to rebuild was robbed:

Months after the hit TV series came to town and remade Field No. 2 and the clubhouse, a thief broke in and took a donated 46-inch plasma television, a $500 microwave and $40, according to a Boynton Beach police report. That happened despite a $50,000 donation in March for a security system. The money is still sitting in city coffers.

That’s part of the show that’s always interested me. These homes have insanely high profiles in their local towns. The whole world has (theoretically) seen all the plasma TVs and high end equipment stuffed into them. They’re ripe for the robbing, particularly those in the middle of bad neighborhoods. How we don’t hear more stories like this one is a miracle.

But now we go one better. Remember the Easter edition last year for the five orphaned kids living together with a family from their church? The foster family kicked the kids out of the rebuilt house:

The Higgins’ happy ending did not last. The family that took them in asked them to leave the beautiful nine-bedroom home because it did not belong to the Higgins. The eldest child, Charles Higgins, who is also legal guardian for the minor children, contacted the producers of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, who could not help. Apparently the 24-page single spaced contract did not give the Higgins any right to the home built as a result of their tragedy. It did, however, give ABC the rights to their story and the episode was rebroadcast complete with happy ending after the Higgins children were already evicted.

The show was, thus, a lie before it even aired. Ouch.

5 thoughts on “Bad week for Extreme Makeover

  1. Ick, that Higgins story is awful. And the show airing it with the tear-jerking ending even though they knew it was a fraud… bleah.

  2. I had already been on the fence about it because I hate the new theme song (yes, I know it’s by O.A.R. and Augie is a fan); I stopped watching Extreme Makeover Home when Kermit the Frog was the guest host. Jumped the shark big time there. It had already gone from “let’s help people in need and rebuild their home for them” to “see how bad these people have it? we’re going to level their house and build one that’s far too extravagant for their means!” which was bad enough. I actually enjoyed last year’s “How’d They Do That” more.

  3. The last one I watched was an episode in February that just happened to have been filmed in the city I live, Blacksburg, VA. I thought that episode was very well done and focused on the family, the construction and the community. It was a VERY big deal here and from what I understand, the community is STILL helping out with the home as much as possible. So, there is at least ONE happy ending for the show. But other than that, the magic has REALLY worn off for me.

  4. Awful stories, but quite frankly I’ll be surprised if ABC doesn’t figure out some way to translate these stories into additional fodder for the next season of “Cry With Ty”.

  5. That is sick! The story about the Higgins. Nice show! They aired it after the poor kids were evicted? Nothing surprises me in this sick warped world though. The house should have been for the orphaned kids not the greedy foster parents. Sick sick sick. I’m not watching that show anymore.

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