Friday Link Dump

*If you thought the [tag]statue[/tag] seen on the final of LOST this season was weird, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • The [tag]Baseball Card[/tag] Blog is counting down the Top 10 sets of all time. These were all during my baseball card collecting hey day in the mid- to late-80s. I remember them well, but I never really thought of them in the way this guy does.

  • Super Mario hangs himself. And suffocates. It’s all rather sad.

  • That was fast: CBS has divested itself of the summer bomb, GAME SHOW MARATHON, so fast that the website is gone already. We discussed the show back here.

  • Not only will you be paying an arm and a leg for the PlayStation 3, but Sony’s warning you now that the games might be more than $60 a pop. Who can afford all this stuff? I’d like to think that [tag]Sony[/tag] is shooting itself in the foot with each new silly announcement, but we’ve seen stranger stuff before. The proof will be what shape the PS3 is in a year from now.

  • I can’t find it now, but I also saw a rumor recently that there’s be limited [tag]PS3[/tag] availability — a fraction of the units the XBox 360 had for Christmas last year! I think the number was 20 units per store. Oh, it’s gonna be ugly.

2 thoughts on “Friday Link Dump

  1. Yeah, Sony is really shooting themselvs in the foot with this one. People are already making their voices heard over $60 games and now they want them to be even MORE expensive?

    I had already heard that the PS3 would be available in VERY limited numbers, so it would not surprise me if they have even less available than the 360. And probably half of those will break, knowing how Sony has had problems with their previous systems! But, all things considered, I still want a PS3 (eventually), but I will definitely be waiting until the price is more affordable (not that I can’t pay $600, I just don’t WANT to!).

  2. The thing that bugs me most is that Sony doesn’t seem to think these are unreasonable characteristics of their system.

    I could be wrong, but wasn’t some Sony exec quoted as saying they could release the system with no games on launch day and it’d still sell out?

    I feel like they think their customers are brainless sheep. I own a PS2, so I’m not saying we ARE sheep, but they sure seem to think we’ll follow them wherever they lead.

    First party Wii games are still supposed to be $50. Yippee!

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